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What's the best micro-brewery in Washington State?

Asked by BCarlyle (392points) November 9th, 2006
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To visit? Full-Sail is in Hood River, OR in the Columbia Gorge. They have a lot of seasonal beers around this time, and Hood River is fantastic.
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Agreed with amccabe, fullsail is a worker run cooperative that makes great beers. Profits to the workers. . . A great microbrew in WA though is Dick?s out of centralia. They make a lot of great beers, including my favorite in the world, Dick?s workingman?s ale
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that's an almost impossible question. there's well over 50-75 micro-breweries and 350 different beers being produced in washington state and so many phenomenal beers coming out of each one. i'd recommend going to the tasting festivals, such as oktoberfest in fremont, summerfest in edward's state park (eastside, bothell / inglemoor area), and i think 2 others in winter and spring to figure out which ones you like best. or just stop anytime you're traveling almost anywhere in the state and try the local brewery's taster. highlights include: a red ale from san juan island, walla walla wheat and penitentiary porter, hale's celebration porter, and i'm forgetting so many more. explore and have fun.
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And not to be forgotten is Fishtale in Olympia, Wa. Great beer, seasonal selections, organic sometimes, and across the street is a wonderful nightspot to try them out.
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Schooner Exact is my favorite for sure. They have the highest number of beers that I think are exceptional. Their tasting room is a really nice place to hang out in as well. Also, they now have plans to open a pub next door to the brewery. I think the only downside is their location…it’s too far to stumble home to Ballard! :)

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