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How long does it take to receive your final pay from the army?

Asked by Moegitto (2305points) December 14th, 2011

I recently just ETS’d from the army. I was on terminal leave for 90 days. I got out on November 29th. I was wondering how long it normally takes to get your final pay?

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It’s difficult to say. I got mine within about 30 days, but that was back in 2000.

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I’m speculating the same situation for a teachers pay which is monthly so perhaps about a month.

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I got back within a month…. shouldn’t take long….

I got off Aug 2011, and I got it about 15 days later :)

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You will probably get your final pay at the end of December. I am guessing you just missed the lead time needed to cut your check in November.

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As I recall, it was about a month.

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Mine was a bit of a mess, Short of it was I got mine about 5 weeks before I was truly out… yeah, it was a mess.

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My husband ETS’d back in the beginning of this year. He got his final pay about 2 weeks after his terminal leave ended.

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Mine came the payday after I left, so it shouldn’t take more than 15 days.

Getting my W-2 from the Navy, however, took over two years; I couldn’t file my 1998 taxes until 2000.

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So since I got out on the 30th of November I should look for my final pay around the end of December?

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If that was the end of your terminal leave, then yes, it should be about that time as long as there aren’t any issues. They hold your final pay for a bit to make sure that you haven’t been overpaid anywhere and that you don’t owe them money for anything. So, if there are any issues that come up with processing that information, it may take a bit longer. It may also take a bit longer to get processed due to the time of year (holidays and hunting season mean a lot of people try to take time off).

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Thanks everyone for their input! I got paid today (lucky). It was a HUGE check, exactly what I needed, enough to get myself some spoils and save up a good chunk for later.

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