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Asked by jhatzis (11points) May 17th, 2008

I can’t find the answer anywhere so here goes-I have an HP Pavillion DV6000 running Vista. For some reason the sound does not play on certain sites for example AOL. The You’ve got mail never plays! Otherwise the sound is fine when I play music or vids.

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What other sites does the sound not work on?
What Browser are you using?
Have you double checked your preferences within AOL to make sure sound for mail arriving is enabled?

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Sorry – IE7. But I have also used Mozilla. I checked my AOL settings and sound is enabled for new messages. I have no idea what other sites play a sound. I know AOL used to play a sound when I first got the laptop. I tried to preview the sound options within AOL and nothing happens.

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Try playing sound from youtube,… it seems like a very unusual problem to span across different browsers!

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