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What do you think of the LG Shine?

Asked by yannick (985points) May 17th, 2008

Just wondering if anyone had this phone and wether or not you would recommend it. Also, wondering if anyone knew for sure if it worked for connecting it to a mac.

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Not tried connecting it to a mac – but not been very impressed with it overall, for a number of reasons (my sister has it):

1. The mirrored screen is impossible to see in anything close to bright sunlight.
2. The scroller feels cheap and also is quite unresponsive – which is bad because it also functions as a clicker, and so it can become a frustrating excercise of clicking the wrong thing and having to work far too hard to navigate around.
3. Feature incomplete: The MP3 player doesn’t seem to offer playlist support, and doesn’t pick up the MP3 files I put on a memory card for her, just in the root of the card. Probably need proprietary software to manage the music, I guess.

Much, much better phones out there by the likes of Sony Ericsson and Nokia – don’t be fooled by this one’s good looks.

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Yeah, did some quick research right after posting this question (probably should have done it the other way around) and found that many reviews mentioned its sunlight problem, and some of the others you mentioned. Bummer, cos I need to get a new phone asap. Any particular models you suggest?

p.s. @benseven: I ask questions, you answer them. Its becoming a bit of a trend! Haha. And this is not, unfortunately, being posted from my ibook – im going to try upgrading it to leopard via firewire…

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Haha, good good.

I hadn’t noticed that actually!

On the iBook front, it needs to be faster than 800mhz processor to install Leopard, with at least 512mb RAM.

I use an N95, and it’s great. It’s not the second model, the 8GB Black one, but a couple of friends have that. It’s an excellent phone, with a ton of storage.

Sony ericssons have nicer UI though, generally.

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Yeah, the N95 is pretty awesome, although I’d say probably out of my preferred price range…

As for the ibook (should really say this in the proper question), it’s a 1.33 Ghz with 1.25 RAM, so hopefully will be fine, if the install itself is successful.

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It’s pretty cute, but I wouldn’t trade my iPhone in for it.

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get an iPhone

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iPhone for the win!

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I would imagine if an N95 is out of the price range, an iPhone is even further out of the question!

(I’m waiting for the second gen…)

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Well I would love an iPhone but benseven is right about the price issue. However, once the iPhone is released down here – in Australia, the nation currently deprived of iPhones – I might consider it…

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