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Why are we alive, how are we alive?

Asked by PoiPoi (274points) May 17th, 2008

I’m asking why our bodies automatically started operating when we were born. And how does that all happen?

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Hmm. Well, our bodies begin operating before we are born – up to 3 months before birth (sometimes), a human embryo / baby can survive outside of the womb.

Even before that, the emryo is still “operational”, ie: it’s not only the mother who does all of the work (besides providing oxygen, food, and safety).

Genetically, we’re programmed to take that first breath of oxygen (babies practice breathing in the womb), stretch our limbs, etc.

As for the why – I don’t know!

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What prompts the spark of life at all (makes us draw that first breath) is not something we as people know or agree on. Some would call it a chemical or biological reaction, some would say it is the miracle of life sparked by a divine creator.

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Plastic….We are here for plastic.

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We are alive to procreate and pass on genes that aren’t weeded out.

Life on earth was an accident. And from that accident, its evolved a system that keeps it replicating.

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Some believe its spontaneous generation.

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Many believe God did it also.

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