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Was it wrong to pimp my nephew? (If you take this seriously I'll kick your butt)

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36698points) December 15th, 2011

I have a gorgeous 9 month old nephew that’s just adorable and a total stud. I had an auditor in my office, and she was talking about her grandkids. So I showed her some pics of the dude. Melted her on the spot. Is it cheating to use an infant? (This isn’t the little guy that was born too early). Can you tell I’m in a good mood today?

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Babies and puppies have been used to soften hearts for generations. Pimp on. ;-)

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Pimp away. When the kid is a little older and a peak cuteness.put him on your shoulders and take a walk in the mall.
It is advertisement: “Hey Ladies! Want half of this genetic material?”

There’s no need to fess up until after you’ve made the deposit.

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@LuckyGuy If this guy gets any cuter I’ll need mace and a taser to get through the mall.

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Babies as tools for seduction???? Really???? Only the best idea ever on the face of the planet. Especially if he’s a smiler by nature.

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@JilltheTooth This kid laughs while he’s teething.

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Then he’s just demented…

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I feel like a pedophile answering this question.

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@JilltheTooth Probably, runs in the family.

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@Luiveton Don’t sweat it, just a light question on a good day. He’s a major league stud though.

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I am sure you could get more out of it on the black market.

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My 30+ year old nephew is has 3 year old TWINS! He is divorced and has 50–50 shared custody.
He stays home and watches football when he should be out trolling! He just doesn’t get it. Youth is wasted on the young.

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@ragingloli lol. That’s kind of cold isn’t it?
@LuckyGuy So true.

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Haha…not at all ” positive manipulation, influence has it’s place.
Sooo, did you hide that extra set of books while you were pimping the baby? ;-D

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All is fair in love and audits.

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@elbanditoroso Excellent answer, and cool avatar.

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Nope, infants are fair game especially if someone showed you kid pictures first. (Also, dogs and puppies are fair game.)

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It’s fair game. Next, use him to get some ladies.

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@Blackberry If I tried, he’d get all the tail and I’d be left with the scraps. He’s that good looking.

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And when he’s asleep, that’s when you make your move.

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@Blackberry Now that’s good advice. You’re a wise man.

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Riddle me this. If the auditor was a guy, how would you have softened him up?

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Want to see Jake?

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@janbb I’ve seen Jake. He’s a knockout too.

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I should have some new pics after my upcoming visit.

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I wanna see Jake!

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All in good time my dear. First we need to go to Paris.

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I want to go to Paris. I’m going to pout until someone pays my way there.

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Pimping babies, puppies, and kittens. I approve.

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And Paris. We’re all going to Paris with @janbb to play with Jake.

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The more the merrier!

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I have been thinking long and hard about this, and I find I must take a firmly principled position on this subject.

Pimping is wrong.

As you were.

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@wundayatta You’ve been thinking long and hard about this? Go back and read the fucking thing.

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Oh my, oh my.

I quote: ”(If you take this seriously I’ll kick your butt)”

You, my dear @Adirondackwannabe need to lean yourself over and prepare for an ass-kicking.

I was following the rules and now you have to go and ruin it all by taking it seriously. What’s the point? Why state rules if you don’t believe people can read? Have faith, man. I sure got you! And good!

Don’t forget—I am the ultimate relativist. Surprised you didn’t see the tongue sticking deeply out of my cheek. Perhaps it’s time to visit the oculist?

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@wundayatta I caught that. That’s why I threw in the penultimate word in the sentence. (If I spelled penultimate right)

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If you refused to acknowledge and use baby-magick then no more babies would be born.~

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My BIL has been pimping out my kids for years. He would take them for the afternoon and then take them to beach and use them to pick up women.

Alas as they are all teenagers now that doesn’t work.

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