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What meat do you usually have for Christmas dinner?

Asked by AshlynM (10592points) December 15th, 2011

Turkey or ham? Do you make the same dinner you did on Thanksgiving?

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Turkey with all the trimmings or roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes.

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It varies from Ham, Turkey, Prime Rib roast to Cornish Hens… one year our family had a box of fried chicken and another we slept in and didn’t cook anything.

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Honey baked ham. Om nom nom.

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Happily, a vegetarian repast. Everyone and his digestive tract is very happy with our new regime.

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I think we used to have Turkey. Been veggie since 1989 though.

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Beef Rib Roast

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Vegall from a can. Eating alone this Christmas.

I hate Vegall.

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Usually ham. I hate ham. But thats ok cause ham is just one of the many things we have. Being a very Italian family we always do the seven fishes so every Christmas there is plenty of awesome seafood for me to chow down on.

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We eat AshlynM.

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Sesame chicken from the local Chinese food delivery guy,

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Beef. <3

Tamales and Pozole ftw.

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Whatever is in the tamales, usually pork or beef or ?

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Bacon wrapped bacon log topped with bacon bits with a side of bacon

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My husband and I started making finger foods for Christmas a few years ago. We usually do chicken wings and we’re adding meatballs to the menu this year. We’ll have deviled eggs, candied sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, key lime pie and rum balls to go along with the meat.

We make most of the food the day before so we can enjoy Christmas day without having to do a lot of cooking and baking.

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@jonsblond In my family, we had finger foods in front of the fire on Christmas Eve. My son and I plan to do that in SF this year.

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Both turkey and ham. And yes, it’s the exact same dinner as we have at Thanksgiving. Family members are even assigned to make certain things because we’ve all agreed they’re the best at it. This cuts down on how much cooking any individual has to do and gives us an excuse to see everyone in the extended family all at once.


Christmas ham. Sometimes turkey with all the trimmings.

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Rotisserie chicken. We rarely do a big dinner on Christmas anymore.

Our group is getting smaller instead of bigger.

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Duck and ham. Turkey is traditional here but our family prefers duck.

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Lamb with mint jelly, baby red potatoes, green beans with slivered almonds. I’m not sure what I’ll make for desserts-probably a couple of tarts, You get the idea.
Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding sounds good though-I haven’t done that in a while.

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Turkey for Thanksgiving, prime rib for Christmas.

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@annewilliams5 Love lamb. We always have that for Easter dinner.

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We usually have lasagna as the main dish.

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Over the years I’ve done Rack of Lamb, Five Rib Roast, Turkey, Duck, and Goose. I have yet to decide what I’m doing this year. The wife wants Turkey, but we just had Turkey. Don’t ask my why I’m using all these capital letters—I don’t know. I have never done a Ham for Christmas, although I did one for Easter once. I’m not all that thrilled with ham. I like it on sandwiches and all, but….

I dunno what to do… truly conundrumized… uninspired… stay tuned…

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Turkey & roast beef, coz we’re greedy like that.

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I used to do whatever was different from Thanksgiving, so I’ve done geese, ducks, ham, Roast Beast of this kind or that, now I do a really yummy Mac and Cheese. A tradition I plan to keep with forever.

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An oven baked ham with the bone in. For Thanksgiving it’s been anything but turkey for my last 30 yrs until 2011— turkey ick.

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Usually, whatever I shoot or catch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Goose, duck, pheasant, squirrel and rabbit are the most common dinner guests, with the occasional walleye or trout making the list.

@wundayatta may I suggest an elk tenderloin?

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@WestRiverrat: Oh yum!

Christmas morning- walleye with eggs and potatoes.

Christmas luncheon- squirrel pot pie.

Christmas dinner- Buffet of goose, pheasant, rabbits and elk tenderloins.

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Prime Rib which I make my own marinade for and then cook it with rosemary tied around it so the flavor can really cook in.

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I have done Beef Rib Roast, Beef Bourguignon, Beef Wellington. I think it’s too soon for Turkey after Thanksgiving and my husband won’t eat ham. Leg of Lamb is nice too and Duck. I haven’t tried that yet. It depends on how many people are coming over.

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In my family, we always had a big breakfast, then Ham for dinner.
It became kind of a joke. Too much food.
Now we do the same breakfast, but we have finger food during the day, and skip dinner.
I do love a nice Christmas ham though.

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Oh man-I am sooooo hungry now! Thanks guys!

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@janbb I think we need to ditch the finger foods and go to @WestRiverrat.‘s That menu looks amazing!

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We usually had a rib roast with Yorkshire pudding or whole beef tenderloin with wild rice and mushrooms. This year we’re following a Jewish tradition and going out to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day.

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