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Did this prank go too far? Or was it all in good fun (details)?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) December 15th, 2011

Students at a high school were blindfolded and thought they were kissing someone, but it was their parents unexpectedly. The controversy comes from the effort that was put forward in the kissing.

Was it too much or fine?

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Too far, too disgusting, too stupid

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I think it went too far. I can’t imagine a parent participating in something like that. It’s not even funny.

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Y’all should be glad it wasn’t blindfolded sex.
Oh, a small thing: The parents were not blindfolded.
And as a seasoned internet warrior, this seems trivial to me.

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I think… that.. is DISGUSTING…

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Stupid and disgusting. I cannot believe their parents went along with this “prank”.

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I saw that, and thought it was disgusting. I don’t even know why a parent would agree to do that, at least the child is unaware! It wasn’t even funny.

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Why would a parent do that? That was just disturbing. I hope it was a fake kiss made to look real like in the movies.

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Appropriate change of avatar. It about sums up my feelings.

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@Mariah Hahaha! Glad you caught that. Initially I was like, “Uhm, ok, this is getting a little…...aaannnnd, hand on the butt…..”

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That cannot be true.

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Gross! I wonder why the parents agreed to participate.

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Revolting. I’m hoping that that video is a prank on all of us and that the whole thing never happened. Maybe they’re kissing someone else’s parents, or teachers, or something like that.

If it really is a local tradition, maybe it’s a holdover from a time when people often didn’t get past first base before marriage, and it has degenerated into what we see on the video.

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What the… what the heck for? Where’s the laugh in doing this coming from? These Minnesotans been locked up too tight in their parkas a tad too long.

I checked the news reports since I’m just 50 minutes away from this high school. Apparently, it is true.

[still shaking my head… ]

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I guess families who kiss on the lips might not be freaked out about the idea? Still, very hard to believe.

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I was thinking little pecks, which was disturbing enough. I was not prepared for those kind of kisses.

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It was inappropriate. I think I would have known my parents by their smell. It wasn’t bad, but distinctively them . . . . a combination of cigarettes, turpentine and makeup on my mom and cigarettes and aftershave on my dad. And they would not have participated in any such shenanigans.

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Wait, what? Interesting…I just watched it, wow…weird.

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What the hell…....Pedophiles much?

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Way too weird for me. I cannot imagine what kind of parents would be okay with this. Shuddersome.


I’m just wondering what’s the point of such a prank? Is it supposed to be funny? It didn’t make me laugh. Is it supposed to be clever? I thought it was dumb.

And to think adults actually participated in the prank and encouraged it.

Boy, those Minnesotans must have such dull, purposeless lives that they will do ANYTHING to amuse themselves.

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was there tongue involved?

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And people condemn me for making dead baby jokes.


No wonder some teenagers have such a bad reputation. They got stupid parents like those!

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…well, there are a few of my friends’ moms I wouldn’t mind smooching with… Just saying… But any old regular cellulite ridden chain smoking Type A personality parent? Oh hell no.

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Brings a whole new meaning to the chant of the angst ridden teen “Fuck my parents man!”

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@ucme I was gonna say some stupid Sailormoon hot for teacher joke, but then, I’ve been had. XD

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That’s a NO NO!

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But if the parents weren’t blindfolded, didn’t they know they were kissing their children? That’s fucking disgusting.

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Ick. @JLeslie We do kiss our kids on the lips, but in no way does it resemble what’s shown in that video. Icky, squicky, gross!

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@augustlan I should have said I did not watch the video, I thought better not to for my own brain, and there was a description that it got too intense, that it was not like a mom giving her child a fast kiss. I am not judging a kiss in general, or trying to say people who kiss their kids would be ok with the behavior on the video. :) Although, I am one of those people who does not kiss people on the lips, except an SO. I wonder if the initial idea does not repulse people who often do kiss their kids though? What I mean is, if you kiss your kids good night or good bye or whatever, would it freak you out to give them the same kind of kiss blindfolded?

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Could the boys be accurately described as mother fuckers? Well, part way there anyway.
@Symbeline :¬)

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Awful! Something is wrong with those parents and the folks at the school who allowed it.

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To each his own. But I think it’s gross. Was there a reason why they couldn’t just give them a peck on the cheek?

Only one parent pulled away really quick.

I wonder what the students really thought about kissing their parents?

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Messed up and crosses the line… If someone did that to me I’d have their head!

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I’ve been thinking some more about this because I really think there is something to be gained from this kind of experience, in terms of sociological knowledge. Generally speaking, I’ve always wondered why we have placed taboos on incestuous interaction and considered specific contexts and historical sexism (if mothers had children with sons, other men couldn’t have property rights, etc.) I do not consider it to be so disgusting when family members get together consensually as I try to never see any particular action as ‘gross’ without checking my own biases or ways of how we were raised. But here’s the thing. These particular parents (and I’m making assumptions but they’re probably safe to make) aren’t sociologists wondering about whether or not the incest taboo is reasonable. These particular parents have raised their children (as most do) saying that these types of things are shameful and all that. So I find it especially interesting that they kiss their children so passionately or with fervor even if it is ‘for a prank’ because in any other context those would the parents to look down upon that kind of thing. This instance is an example of a liminal experience, an experience when a society momentarily allows their members to act out on something taboo as long as it’s contextualized differently from normal. And from the looks of how some of these parents made out, I can not help but think that there is some kind of latent urge beneath.

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I went back and watched the video again with the volume turned off and with the video going very slowly and stopping and starting it on the kisses. If you watch closely, the body language is what appears so sexual.

Gawkers’ headline “incest” sets us all up for a reaction before we even watch the video. The one woman in the green vest appears to be talking to her son or saying something in his ear. So does the last woman in the row with the purpleish blouse.

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I can see how that would have been very humorous. What better way to punk someone than to make him/her believe they were kissed by someone they hoped, only to find out it wasn’t. Would it have been any worse, or more funny has they kissed another actual student, but of the same sex? I think they made the kiss out to be more than it was because in their mind, they had this idea of who they might be kissing. If they thought it was a parent I am sure they would have had the same reaction and no matter how good or bad the actual kiss was, they would never be in a place to know it, or be open to see it purely off the action, no yuck factor in play.

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