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What do you really think of holiday sweaters?

Asked by marinelife (62455points) December 17th, 2011

I bought a solid red Jones New York holiday sweater with a very subtle decoration on it to wear to my husband’s office Christmas Party tonight.

But I have been seeing lots of things mocking ugly holiday sweaters around (the Today Show).

So now I am paranoid about wearing it.

What do you really think of holiday sweaters?

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I didn’t realize that holiday sweaters were enough of a thing to get press attention. In fact, I didn’t realize that holiday sweaters were a distinct category of sweaters in the first place. If the decoration on your new sweater is subtle, though, I don’t see how it could really be a problem. I would imagine it’s those over-the-top designs that are considered ugly.

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I have always been opposed to buying any article of clothing that I can only wear for a couple of weeks at specific times of the year. For this reason I have never bought a holiday sweater, a Halloween shirt, a Fourth of July bathing suit, etc.

That being said, I think the clothing being so readily mocked I saw the piece on the Today Show as well is the over the top clothing with blinking reindeer noses, actual falling snow, and the like. I am sure that yours is elegant and understated and you will be beautiful at your husband’s work party.

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I say the louder and more garish the better.

The Christmas holiday is, visually, all about being over the top. It’s also about having fun, so to hell with what anybody thinks about your sweater. If you like it stand up straight, paste a huge smile on your face, and wear it proud.

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Personally? I love the entire “cheerful and silly” aspect, but then I make pants with fish and parrot-head fabric. My mother deplores my lack of taste. Good thing I’m cute.

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I love Christmas sweaters. When I see one, it makes me smile. While I don’t wear them, I do wear Christmas earrings the entire month of December.

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I like dressing with festive accents, but I am not a holiday sweater type. Infact, I am not a sweater type period.

I wear really lightweight, soft, cashmere type sweaters over pretty tank tops and add some zip with colorful jewelry.

I think a solid sweater with a subtle design is fine, but no giant holiday appliques, meh…no. lol

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I’ve never liked them but maybe that’s due to my memory associating them with stretchpants or black slacks all covered in cat hair.

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Here is my opinion of holiday sweaters…..............

Goodwill has racks and racks of holiday sweaters for sale.

This should tell you something.

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@SuperMouse What a nice thing to say and exactly what I needed to hear.

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I like them. But that’s just me.

I’ve also been known to attend conventions populated by people wearing brightly colored wigs dressed in garish colors, big floppy shoes and wearing big red noses (some of which emit a honking sound :)

Over the top is a relative term :D

The sweater you describe sounds like the epitome of refined good taste while still being a nod to the festivity of the season.

If you live your life by the dictates of Good Morning America, it would be a shallow and superficial life indeed. If I were you, I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

You need to spend a little more time watching Jimmy Fallon instead. His Twelve Days of Xmas holiday sweater giveaway is genius. A cheerfully affectionate tribute to a holiday tradition. And everybody loves it.

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They’re okay, so long as they’re standing next to someone wearing the “I’m with stoopid” shirt ;¬}

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I think they’re great for the holidays! I always wish I had one, but never enough to buy one. Wear it and enjoy it.

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I’d only wear one as a joke (maybe). I think they look awful.

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For the holiday, I say why not!

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Holiday sweaters are cute on 4 year olds, sexy (if worn sexily) on 19 year olds and passe on anyone else. I don’t like them because they occupy space better reserved for three-season sweaters. Glizty sweaters would be a good choice for the holiday season if you can wear it to several parties, and evenings out the remainder of the year. I had a nice black one that I could take the button trim off and it was usable for the fall and late winter seasons. Haven’t found anything to replace it yet.

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I love creative clothing of all sorts.

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I think many of them are atrocious but of course, not all. If you like it, that’s all that matters.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir . . . You’re Russian. How can you not love a loud ass sweater?

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Some of them are okay, but some of them just blind me, LOL.

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Thank you, everyone. I wore the sweater (which was subtle enough that it could be worn other times as well) and got several compliments,

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I love them. Last year at my family’s holiday party we had an “ugly sweater” theme, but when I went to buy one from the thrift store, I couldn’t find any that I thought were really ugly, most of them were pretty cute. I love knit sweaters with reindeers or snowflakes. Even if they’re silly, or what other people deem ugly, I think they’re nifty and festive.

On the other hand, I also seem to love everything about the holidays that some grumpy grinches can’t stand, like non-stop Christmas music and people wishing me well and Salvation Army bell ringers.

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Well, like anything else, people can get carried away. Ugly sweaters tend to have all kinds of 3D stuff sewn on all over them! Antlers out the boobs, you know?

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