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Why do we pull funny faces when performing delicate tasks?

Asked by RareDenver (13163points) December 18th, 2011

My tongue will often stick out the corner of my mouth and I go all wide eyed and crazy looking.

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I think that is just you :P

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I do this. Don’t know why.

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Concentration = tension. Tension = tightened muscles. Tightened muscles = involuntary funny faces.

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Imagine what a surgeon must look like

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@RareDenver -that’s why they wear masks in the operating room. One of the reasons…

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LOL! Yes, what @elbanditoroso said!

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I read somewhere that sticking out one’s tongue is a holdover from infancy. Infants stick out their tongues when they’re being fed something they don’t like. So when older children or adults stick out their tongues during a difficult task, it can be a visual cue that they’ve had enough fo that particular task.

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