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What do you call a Fluther member?

Asked by AstroChuck (37609points) May 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Flutherer, Flutherite, Flutherese, Jelly, Man-O-War?

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fellow fluther-brother?

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Flutherite or Jelly!

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A Jelly-Smeller

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We call the bad ones, Fluckers.

Fluther Fluckers?

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A inside joke that I will only find funny.

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I like Flutherite.

Fellow Floater Through the Medium?

@MrKnowItAll That made me laugh aloud. Thanks!

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Fluthers in arms? Band of fluthers? Is my wife a fluther-in-law?

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When I read the question the first thing that came to mind was Flutherite.

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Hossman coined some pretty good ones here. and there is some pretty funny fluther lingo there too! it cracked me up. I especially liked fluther mucker…ha ha!!

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my Fluther.

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@scamp. Those were awesome. Thanks!

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Jelly Fisherman? or Jelly Fisherperson might be less sexist.

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Fluther from another mother?

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Since I’m a girl I consider myself a Flutherette similar to Smurfette.

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Papa Fluth, Papa Fluth!

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UCOJ: United Community Of Flutherers.

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I like Flutheress – a bit like empress….

Otherwise; Jellies or Flutherites (depends on formality I guess)

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good one @wild. Can I be Princess Fluther?

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A FlutherNutter

…as in fluffernutter

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under-cover fluther, fluther bug, flutherer, flutherite, fluther brother, sexy fluther mother, fluther-kins

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flutherites or flutherees.

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Fellow Fluther – Fluther More – Birds of a Fluther – Sticky Friends

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Hey! I’ve got it. How about Lurverts?

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