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Does mayonnaise really do anything for your hair and scalp?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) December 19th, 2011

People tell me to use it as a conditioner. What does it do?

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I’ve never tried it, supposedly it really moisturizes your hair because of the oils. I’ve tried Eggs on my hair (protein) but it didn’t really do anything….

They say beer on your hair makes it really shiny, but I have yet to try this too.

Something that really makes your hair look good but is kind of expensive is the Ovation hair cell therapy shampoo and conditioner.

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My friend said putting mayonnaise really helps but it will make your hair stink :) good luck! Let me know how it goes and I will try it.

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Yes, it’s an old fashioned hair conditioning treatment before all the fancy hair conditioners were available. I think it would be a big mess and you could achieve the same results just leaving in a good conditioner, bag your head, and go sit in the sun for an hour while your hair absorbs the conditioner.

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Here’s another vote for plain old conditioner.

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If you have 100$ to dish out on shampoo, conditioner, and a leave in treatment that will make your hair look and feel absolutely amazing, Ovation hair therapy is the deal.

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It does? I have/had no idea then.

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I am moving in a couple days and have mayo so I thought it might be interesting to try. To report back, it wasn’t messy to apply at all. Once I got in the shower to rinse it out however, it messed up the shower a bit. Quick spray to cut the grease, all better. It has the strong smell of mayo for sure. Fatty, acidic, eggs. Yes. But my dry scalp loved it. And my hair is ridiculous shiny (let’s see what it looks like dry, though). I haven’t had a cut in a long time and this may have tamed it into submission against the high humidity although I can’t be sure until it’s dry. So far, it feels better for my scalp than Shu Uemura and if you can get past the smell, it feels better for my hair too. I’ll post an update when it’s dry.

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It makes you stink, that’s what it does.

It really isn’t anything special, as far as results go.

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Actually there is no smell. Washed hair twice, and my hair smells fine.

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@prioritymail that’s good, then. :)

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I was making deviled eggs last week (24 eggs, 48 deviled eggs) and my husband was helping me. As I squirted out a bunch of mayo into the egg yolks my husband who was doing the mixing for me said, “ugh, it remind me of my mom and how she smelled when she used to put mayo in her hair.” Hahaha. This is one reason my husband hates mayonaise.

My vote is for conditioner.

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@partyrock What was that product, again?

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Yep. It’s a good conditioner because your hair and skin love fats.

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What about gray and white dry hair? Someone told me not to wash my hair more then once a week so it wouldn’t dry out. I use Pantene shampoo including conditioner but it doesn’t do much. Sometimes if I use a conditioner, my hair just becomes limp and straight as sticks. That’s not great either!

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@JLeslie Lol okay maybe I smell like Mayo and just don’t know it…

@comity I don’t like Pantene because it leads to major build up. That whole coating of the hair follicle they advertise I think actually means build up and dullness. A good stylist told me this. I normally take what stylists say with 5 grains of salt because they tend to not have a very deep understanding of science, but seeing and feeling the before and after has me convinced. Maybe someone else can recommend something that works. I am not sure. I still haven’t found a shampoo/conditioner that I like. Well I liked Shu Uemura, but it’s expensive and I have a lot of hair. If you can afford, I would recommend trying the one she makes for dry hair.

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@prioritymail I don’t think she smelled like mayo once she rinsed it out.

I really like Sebastian Penetraitt deep conditioner. I use it once or twice a week, and I use regular conditioner the other days.

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@prioritymail Will try it. Thanks!

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