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Can you recommend a free and fast screen sharing application?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) December 24th, 2011

I occasionally enjoy watching long videos online with distant friends.

I find they struggle to get to the content, wherever it is, and we spend hours debugging their machine before we can both relax and simultaneously watch a show and chat.

I have decided it may be easier just to get it working for me and invite them to share my screen. I know that there are applications available, but are any fast enough to give them good image quality? Do they also transmit audio?

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If it’s only the two of you screen sharing, Skype works well, transmits audio, and is free.

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@Prosb thanks. Will it also give the audio of whatever I am watching? Not me talking, but of the video itself?

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I recommend Skype, and I watched a tekzilla episode yesterday about this same exact question. In Windows, it’s possible. I believe it’s not possible in OS X.

Check out this video:

Their explanation is around minute 15.

You must be really lucky because this was the first time I watch tekzilla since 2 years!

Good luck! ;)

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I think NetMeeting works for this, too. You basically share your desktop with someone else remotely.

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@halabihazem thank you, I will check that out.

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Screen-sharing works great for many purposes, but video is not one of them.

The guy in the tekzilla clip discusses sharing just sound, and says “the audio is going to sound like crud”. Video is takes A LOT more bandwidth than audio.

On the plus side, you could use screen-sharing to help the other person get the video working on their own machine.

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@jaytkay Yeah I agree. Sorry about not mentioning that. I believe you can still share video+audio because it really is through the same route.

I assumed he had a super fast connection because he considered attempting this via screen sharing :P

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I have Cable, the recipients I will be trying this will all have cable or sat.

Sounds like I should try Skype, and when they tell me it is awful, we can share their screen and start debugging.

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Google teamviewer which supports all popular OS. I prefer crossloop due to unlimited time. Otherwise you could use a VNC clone that serves your purpose, fairly easy to set up. Just don’t leave it running once you’re done (security risk).

The Skype plugins are also an option, but more limiting – depends on your needs.

Aside helping troubleshoot—you could both get a google+ account. There is a feature there for watching a video at the same time with someone else and commenting. Just an idea.

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Google + in the hang out section!

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