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How often does a calendar repeat itself?

Asked by trickface (2333points) December 24th, 2011

For example the date of

Friday 2nd of January in 2011 is also

Friday 2nd of January in 20??

How often does a standard gregorian calendar repeat itself, being valid for both years?

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If it weren’t for leap years, it would repeat every seven years. WITH leap year, it’s a mess.

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There are 14 possible calendars. 7 of these are for leap years.
The year before a leap year repeats in 11 years.
The next time the 2011 calendar repeats is 2022.

BTW, January 2, 2011 was a Sunday.

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Yep sorry I had a look at my calendar and thought it was January instead of December, silly me

Why does the year before a leap year repeat every 11 years?

You’ve given the answer but I don’t understand the method. Thanks

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Here’s a site where you can compare “years same as this one” (and enter any year that you want to compare to).

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our calendar cycle repeats every 28 years.

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Those facebook posts that state a month with five Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays happen once every 853 years? Absolutely false.

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@DrBill Or it would if we didn’t have additional leap year corrections at centuries’ ends sometimes.

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