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What would be the date for these time periods?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1774points) March 23rd, 2014

If period of time covered is 2011 03 21 to +3 years from that begin date, what is easiest way to find correct dates from begin date with +3 and +100 days and +3 and +90 days?

I was told that I would count the day I am on as 1 and end day as 1.

I believe June 28 or 29 for 100 and June 18 or 19 for 90 is correct?

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The easiest way that I know to do this is with Excel, or a scheduling program that can be set up to count in increments of 1 day.

Or just consult a calendar and count off weeks of 7 days, then add the remainder of what won’t divide evenly into your time spans.

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The Julian date for March 21 is 80. + 100 days including the start date would be 179, which is June 28.

Day 90 on the same basis is June 18.

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Thanks to both of you for the help. I just wanted to be sure I filled it out with proper date.

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There was a question once about why people stay on Fluther. The chief reason I like it is the quantities of information garnered. Not only that: in many of the threads, I get access to previously unknown concepts, like the Julian Date. And this is why I give this one a Great Question.

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I think 2016 is a leap year. That would change the count possibly, although it shouldn’t since 3 years from a date in March should mean leap year is irrelevant.

Whether to count the first day as day 1 is something you do need to clarify if being exact is important. Usually you do count the first day, in this case March 21 as day one, but not necessarily. If someone tells you something is March 21 plus 3 days, you would likely answer March 24, because plus means in addition to. While if someone says something starts on March 21 and lasts 3 days, then the answer is March 23.

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@JLeslie His time frames are all after Leap Day.

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I made the mistake of thinking we were starting from 2014.

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