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I would like to donate some money to less fortunate people, where should I spend it?

Asked by jrpowell (40499points) May 18th, 2008

Ideally I would like my cash to flow to Africa. But I am open to anything besides donating money to Ron Paul.

It is actually funny and sad. I was using the restroom and I complained about the quality of the toilet paper to myself. And I was thinking that “This is my biggest problem of the day, some people don’t have clean water.”

So what charity should I ship some cash off to?

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United Way and UNICEF are my favorite charities to send cash to. They do amazing things and could always use some extra cash.

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After I get a few responses I will let you know of my decision.

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Proceeds from Dave Eggers’ What is the What? are benefiting survivors of the genocide in southern Sudan. There are a couple of causes associated with the book that are accepting donations. See the last pages of the book or perhaps look up its Web site.

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Monies go to five eastern African countries. Self Help

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Here’s one: Mazon. They help people develop ways to help themselves as well as give support.

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how about doctors without borders. its doctors who go to less fortunate countries and help the people out. theres also engineers without borders which helps build things.

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How about spending it a little closer to home. Crack open the phone book and look for some local charities. If nothing else, one of your local churches should be involved with a food bank or similar charity. There are starving people everywhere, and local charities don’t have the marketing budget of the big boys like UNICEF.

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I’m a huge supporter of the product (RED) campaign. Every dollar spent buys 2 preventive pills for the women & children in Africa. Check it out at

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The Katie Samson Foundation. She was my coaches daughter.

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May I suggest giving a percentage of your money to a well deserved organization that helps people but saving a small amount for This is a wonderful org that saves animals in desperate need and also works to eliminate factory farming among many other worthy causes.

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anyone second me on that? Its a really good cause trust me. I volunteer there every year cause I know its a good cause. I knew katie personally. It was so tragic, she was going to be all American. Its for a really good cause please donate they accept every penny graciously. jp, at least check it out. That warm feeling you will get on the inside when you donate along with the tears when you read katies story is just priceless. Please. Do the right thing.

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forgive me. It’s

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Doctors without borders is excellent. is also wonderful. They give out microloans to people in third world countries so they can support themselves.

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I went with Gail’s suggestion. Someone out there is getting a new cow.

And thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. It was interesting to look into all the different groups that are trying to help. Thank you.

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The Hunger Site is easy and excellent.

John, I see you’ve chosen already, but this is a site where you can click the button once a day and have food sent to people who are hungry. Advertisers foot the bill – it’s a great idea.

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I know you’ve already chosen but what about sending some money to Burma where they recently had that awful cyclone? I saw a sign on a street post about an organisation that will send money there for you so I’m going to do that.

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Google is also taking donations to help those in Burma if you’re interested.
Link if you’re interested.

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I don’t want to sound greedy but…I am a 51 year old female native american. I have never lived on a reservation and have taken care of myself since I was 15 years old. I have always tried to keep a job.Recently I have found out I have a mediastinal mass on my chest.Because of my lungs I am to weak to operate on.I did have a little insurance that is exhausted.I have also applied for disability,but that takes forever to get.Because of the condition I cannot do much work…not the work I know which is mostly manual labor. I’m to the point that i’m not to proud to ask for help.Treatment is very high as you probably know.I’m turning every leaf I can to find financial help. I am enrolled on a reservation but they won’t help me because I never lived there. There would be no way I could possibily pay back so I will not even say I will. If there is any chance of getting help I would forever be grateful thank you,wilma lavenger billings montana

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