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What will be the next big Internet "thing"?

Asked by robmizelldotcom (198points) May 18th, 2008

Twitter, Digg, you know, the Web 2.0 stuff. What do YOU think will be the next big app?

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Actually, I’m not sure but I think it will based around mobile devices.

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Great question! Probably some kind of wireless file-sharing/facebook kind of thing.

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Hahaha, if I knew do you think I’d tell you :p

mirza's avatar and hopefully muxtape (shameless self promotion). Also if the broadband speed in America increases, DropBox could get huge because it is possibly the best back-up web service out there. A.viary looks pretty promising for graphic artists/web designers

@johnpowell: digg is essentially the web 2.0 version of slashdot. Kevin Rose (digg founder) had asked the guys at slashdot to have a voting system for stories. They declined and digg was created.

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More iPhone/Blackberry apps

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I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you…

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Location sharing.

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I like the interface of Who knows it becomes the new digg.

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.mac and the emergence of true thin client architecture with the 3G iPhone, and OS 2.0 (hey a fanboi can dream right?)

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Twitter is almost already as big as it can be, I think, and the same is true of Digg. Over the next five years I’d expect to see around 30% maximum growth for the two of them.

In all seriousness, I’m pretty excited for Fluther. Its only a matter of time before it overtakes Yahoo! Answers… and hopefully with a better userbase.

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sematic web (some people already call it web3.0) is coming some kind of a meta level beyond the digital social communities, futher a big wave of new mobile device applications (Nokia pushes it) is expected.

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I have to think it will involve mobile devices as well. I’m almost certain that in the next couple of years everyone will have Internet and e-mail on their phones.

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johnpowell and BirdlegLeft have it right. “Web 3.0” (I’m already shuddering at the jargon) will be all about mobile internet. The release of the iPhone was the first phase.

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@ketoneus, is it possible to make a boatload of money off of the jargon generated by web 3.0? If so, we should start the lexicon now.

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This site is good for new ideas, some are Internet type things…

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If I tell you then I’d have to share my millions with you

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Well they’ve already got instant messaging and the iPhone/Pod apps for all of that. My guess is that it’s going to be something with Google… Webcams?

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