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What happened to my oscilliscope?

Asked by XOIIO (18320points) January 1st, 2012

Alright, so I went to use my oscilliscope and it’s been in freezing weather, it didn’t work. I brought it in and left it sitting there overnight and now it still doesn’t work. Not even a hint of light from the display. Thi sis an older one, but what the hell happened? It was working perfectly fine and it doesn’t exactly look like a super sensitive type.

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The older scopes were not as robust as the newer ones.

If it has dried out good at room temperature and still doesn’t work, try changing the DC level and the sweep speed and the triggering. Sometime these things go way out of range.

Otherwise you need schematics and another scope to fix your scope.

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@Rock2 Thats the problem not even the backlight or anything display :(. I guess I might have to look for a manual, and I do have one with a burn out CRT I could use for parts but it’s just wierd that it would die out like that. It was for naval use That’s what the stamped metal plates say you’d think it would be a tad robust.

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If you can’t figure it out in an hour, buy another one. It probably isn’t worth it. You can probably get another more moder, one on craigslist for pretty cheap.

“You might be an engineer if you try to fix a $5 radio.”

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@city_data_forum I got this free, and I don’t have money or a real need for one it’s jsut a cool old piece of tech, and nice to have around.

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“No signs of life” suggests a power supply problem or maybe a bad crt. I’d remove the case, turn it on and wiggle a few of the larger components & wire attachments, looking for a cracked board or open solder joint that maybe occurred by thermal shrinkage in the cold. Poke around with a voltmeter or another scope, with due caution for high voltage around the crt.

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well, in your dying breath last nite, I used the scope to shock your heart, and may have caused some damage. But we survived!

Blow in it gently, pump 5 times, then breathe into it. repeat.

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I thought I tasted shellfish this morning

A general inspection seems fine I need to gt a battery in my multimeter and probe around, not sure what could be wron with the power supply but there are two big ass capacitors, think those might be the problem?

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Why don’t you try to get an external module oscilloscope that connects to a laptop through the USB port?

I like the saying:

“You might be an engineer if you try to fix a $5 radio.”

That says it all about engineers.

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@Rock2 I like old fashioned stuff, and the warm green glow of the phosphorus tracing just warms the cokles of my heart XD

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You are hopeless.

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Hey, I’m used to living off scraps, thats what half my stuff is. I like keeping stuff around, especially cool old osciliscopes.

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Perhaps you could talk to a professional.

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@Rock2 Yeah that’s what I was thinking, but in this area there aren’t many people like that, let alone in canada generally, we don’t have the electronics hobbyists the states do.

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