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Have you had a lucid dream?

Asked by jamin101 (37points) January 2nd, 2012

What a topic of dire fascination. The lucid dream. A difficult yet mind enthralling technique. What better way to spend your time sleeping than to be in control of your dream. A productive and fun way to spend your time. The prospect of vividly and self-awaredly exploring the depths and fantasies of your dreams is somewhat liberating. Have you had any lucid dreams lately?

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I used to experience them regularly, but in the last year or so I am having trouble remembering my dreams at all. I’m okay with that, right now.

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Yes, it was weirdly lucid and was about my god-mother coming to say goodbye to us all. Exactly a day later I found out she was killed in an accident! I remember it so vividly even though almost twenty years have passed!

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Give me a good dosage of MSG in my food and I have some crazy lucid dreams. So much so that I feel shattered in the morning feeling like I have just climbed a mountain rather than have a sleep with a banging headache. I find it tiring controlling my dreams vividly and if I lose control it can be scary. I try steer clear of MSG now.

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I had a semi-lucid dream not too long ago. I don’t think I was aware I was dreaming, but I did become aware that I had control and began use that power. It started when I was stuck in an unpleasant place and I thought to myself, “I don’t have to be here right now.” And a segment started playing in which I broke out of that place and went on to dream more pleasant things.

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I had a semi lucid dream too. For some reason I possessed the gift to fall asleep in my dream and wake up in another place I could pick myself.

Another dream allowed me to re-dream old dreams by selecting them in this DVD menu.

Oh and I was having a nightmare, realized how cool it was and sat back, imagined some popcorn and kept watching.

I don’t have them a lot currently. The moment I realize I’m sleeping I wake up.

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I have the same MSG triggers @bongo. No surer quicker way for me to have lucid dreams than to stuff myself at McDonalds. I wonder if any studies exist which relate MSG levels to Dimethyltryptamine release.

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Yeah, lots, but now I just don’t dream. I go to sleep, and then I wake up. nothing in between.

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I doubt it. Although maybe worth a shot to compare the effects… smoke some dmt and get back to me (Not really, I would never tell anyone to eat McDonalds take drugs…)

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For about 2 years of my life, in my early 20’s, I would spend hours and hours in lucid dreams and became so skilled at it that could get myself into that state at will. I preferred those dreams to real life and I finally had to convince myself it was escapism pure and simple, no different than being on drugs. It was an amazing place to be but it wasn’t reality.

With one friend, we agreed to slip into lucid dreams simultaneously to see if we could meet, and it seems like we did. I wonder about that ‘place,’ though.

I can still lucid dream, but no longer at will and it rarely happens nowadays. When I do fall into a lucid dream, I appreciate the journey, but am glad I’m not losing hours there.

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I had them yes, but rarely. When they do happen, it was about either sex or something scary.

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I have lucid dreams very commonly, usually when I’m sick and/or extremely tired. I will occasionally get the nice ones in which I know that I can control my dreams, but I more commonly have lucid dreams with sleep paralysis that can be extremely scary, even though I am aware that I am dreaming.

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I have had them quite freqently all my life, but not in the last month for some it might be I am more stressed and tired than usual

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Thanks for all your interesting and eclectic answers guys!

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