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How is rush hour on 27 going south from the FL Turnpike west of Orlando, FL?

Asked by JLeslie (60494points) January 2nd, 2012

I am trying to decide whether to drive the extra miles and take the interstates into Orlando and then back out to 27, or take 27 starting up at the Turnpike. I will be headed towards Sebring.

I have no idea if 27 has a lot of lights? Or, the speed limit?


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Most of it (much of it) is 4-line divided highway, posted 55.

Some traffic lights at major crossroads, but lots of cut-acrosses for side-roads (where 27 traffic doesn’t have to stop).

Very few on-ramp/off-ramps (like on an interstate)

No idea about rush hour

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I-4 heading into Kissimmee is bloody murder.

As long as you’re going away from Orlando, and it’s not the evening rush hour, I think it will be okay.

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Thanks. I am going to go ahead and take 27 all the way south from the turnpike I think. If we hate it we will go the other way on the way home.

Thanks again. You both helped me decide what to do and where to stay.

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