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Fluther Roll-Call ~ January 2012?

Asked by AmWiser (14937points) January 2nd, 2012

“Here’s to the bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold.”

Think of this as a Fluther “Hello Day”, where all most those old and new Jellies roaming the Fluther sea check in and say hoo d’ hoo!

Who’s here?
Who’s not?
Who’s just passing through?
Who’s Lurking?

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.
Hal Borland

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Present and correct! (Well, the last is a matter of opinion!) :-)

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I’m here… or there… on Fluther.

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I’m here, in all my over indulgent glory.
Coloma is pied out, candied out, chipped and dipped out. She is sooooo ready to detox from the holiday gluttony…bleh!

Happy New Year fellow flutherers!

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hoo d’hoo?

Either way I am here. sort of.

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Present and unaccounted for.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Yep, still hanging on.

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*accounts @SavoirFaire

Now that will be $5 a month interest rate, and $15 if you are late on payments. Here is your card *hands card, banking info *hands booklet and your list of special offers *hands pamphlet.

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In and out as I take down Christmas decorations. Much easier to put them up than to take them down.

XOIIO's avatar

@chyna Just get a weed wacker with metal wire and rev that baby up.

SavoirFaire's avatar

@XOIIO Well, that takes care of that. Much obliged, sir!

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I’m president.

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Here, with bells on!

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Here! :)

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I’m here – and still smiling.

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Nursing a bit of a sore throat, but I’m here and trying to figure out what soup to make today. Curry with chickpeas and cauliflower, or hot and sour with mushrooms?

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11:13 am on the west coast and I have still hardly moved since 6:30 am
I have decided that I am in full bore potato mode for another day.
Damn, holidays are exhausting. lol

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^^ Hmm. Maybe Potato soup : )

Coloma's avatar

@Kardamom LOL, yes, what wine should I pair potato soup with?
Maybe Vodka, potato potato. haha

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’‘walks in, arms stretched out in front like a zombie’’ Blaaaaaarrrghhh….

jazmina88's avatar

crawls out of cave, sees the cold and goes back under covers, with pup.

Hoo d Hoo!

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nobody told me there was a roll call!!!— HERE

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HERE! And annoyed that the snow will be keeping us in tonight. :(

Coloma's avatar


I’ll trade house with you. Our drought conditions for your snow. Shit..we need rain & snow badly up here in these hills.

ZEPHYRA's avatar

Can I call in again?

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Here and posting! Just back from a great visit with some friends, then my sister. Life and the New Year are good.

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I’m here and refueling my flame thrower and chain saw to defend myself against zombie @Symbeline.

zenvelo's avatar

Still hanging out!

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I come and go. I am here for now.

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Sunny2's avatar

I’m here, but without bells on. They inhibit my sneaking around. Happy New Year!

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I’m here, but none of us will be, as of 5:30 PM today (Jan 2). ;-)

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.
Hal Borland”

Wow, I didn’t know that the guy from Tool Time With Tim Taylor, was such a philosopher. ;-o

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Have you fastened your seat belt @Brian1946? I wonder what life in the new server will be like? Will we all have foot rests, our own Fluther screen, will Auggie captain the Fluther rocket? Will I and the other mods be expected to serve drinks and food?? Will I have to demonstrate a safety protocol? I wonder how fast the new server flies?

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Still here!!!!

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

<——is hiding in the corner, waiting to scare the shit out of someone.

blueiiznh's avatar

still here on the last day of my first year on fluther…..

XOIIO's avatar


God damn fucking cat….

zenvelo's avatar

Whew! Made it through the downtime.

YARNLADY's avatar

I’ve cut back a lot, but I’m moving into my fourth year here.

rooeytoo's avatar

Yeppers I am pretty much here.

augustlan's avatar

<< As always. Happy new year, jellies!

Blackberry's avatar

I’m off the grid. Er, wait, not anymore I guess. :/

Coloma's avatar

Jan. 3

Coloma IS going for a hike today, I am, I am, I really am, oh god, remove the layer of merangue from my ass. lol

picante's avatar

Here. Late and not really able to spend much time here these days, but I’ll drive by when I can. Happy New Year to all!

hearkat's avatar

A cross between passing through and lurking… long time no see, jellies!

rooeytoo's avatar

Hey Kat, nice to see you again, you are looking good!!!

Jeruba's avatar

Present, more or less.

Hi, @hearkat! So very nice to see you here.

FutureMemory's avatar

Still here.

Stinley's avatar

I’m here now. Sorry I’m late.
…slinks to the corner quietly and sits down

Jude's avatar

Here, sitting on the John. It’s drafty in here.

Bellatrix's avatar

:-) You take your laptop to the loo @Jude? :D that makes me giggle. So if someone gives you the… never mind!

Bellatrix's avatar

Sheesh, I hope it is the former @everephebe. The other will be a bit boney by now. Not terribly comfortable to sit ‘on’.

everephebe's avatar

@Bellatrix What about timemachines &/or cloning…? Sit on that! :p

Bellatrix's avatar

Ohhh… Can I have Jim Morrison back then….

Actually, if we are cloning I could make up a list! There can be more than one. Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, George Harrison (my favourite Beatle)... the list is endless.

everephebe's avatar

Ah yes McQueen, very nice choice if I do say so myself.

Bellatrix's avatar

Nods at @everephebe… yum! Truly beautiful man.

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I’m back! Things have been super ridiculously intense with school. I’ve hardly been sleeping for the past month and Mr. Fiance has to remind me to eat. But I have one paper left to write for next Monday, so I thought I’d drop in and say hey. I hope to be back in full force soon.

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@Seelix : Hi, Sweetie, you been missed!!!

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Hi, @Jeruba and @rooeytoo! I rarely have time on the computer, but thought I’d check in since it had been so long. I do think of you all often and miss being here. I am able to stay in touch with some of you over on FB, too.

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@Seelix Yes, good to “see” you again! :-D

Jan. 5.

Coloma had cottage cheese and an apple for dinner last night, day 3 of holiday glut detox.
I also went for a moonlight walk around my mountain with my cats last night around 10 o’ clock, I participated in a mouse hunt and I got my cardio by jumping about the road dodging the mouse that wanted to hide in the safety of my shadow.

Moonlight mouse hunting is fine exercise! lol

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@Seelix and @hearkat It makes my heart happy to see you here! <3

hearkat's avatar

Awwwww… shucks; Thanks, Auggie!

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Oh, how I’ve missed @Coloma‘s tales of animal antics :D
And a big hug to surrogate mommies @JilltheTooth and @augustlan, of course :D

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Wecome back @Seelix . GMTA

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