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Hey, look! It's another list of hilarious YouTube videos, provided by you, the reader.

Asked by Aethelflaed (13752points) January 2nd, 2012

What YouTube videos have you been laughing at lately?

I’ll start off with a couple Epic Rap Battles of History: Darth Vader vs Hitler and Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare.

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Autotune The New’s Bed Intruder

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I’m still laughing at the Honey Badger

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@Judi I love Honey Badger. So much. Like, personal hero levels of love.

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If he’s the devil in hell, then I don’t want heaven anymore!

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This one always makes me smile!

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This never gets old.
And I do love some good street music.

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@Kayak8 LOVED that one! I just “shared” it on facebook.

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@Judi My 2 year old niece watches it over and over and over! I have probably watched it 10 or more times just because it makes me smile!

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@Blueroses Jenna Marbles is currently my favourite time waster!

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@Blueroses Why am I so not surprised by your selection? :D

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