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Are there any disadvantages to applying a facial mask every alternate day? (Read Details).

Asked by Ayesha (6213points) January 2nd, 2012

Facial masks are told to be applied once or twice in a week. I came across a home made mask online which is completely natural. My skin doesn’t do too well in winters. If I apply the mask every alternate day, which makes four times a week, are there disatvantages to it? As opposed to applying it twice a week.

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Doesn’t the mask that you found have directions that include a suggested application frequency?

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@Brian1946 No, just the ingredients for mixing. No other details.

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It is likely to dry your skin out.

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What’s the primary purpose of using the mask? Cleansing, moisturizing, nutrifying, a combination of the previous three, or something else?

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@Brian1946 The mask cleanses and moisturizes.

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Is your skin usually oily, dry, or medium in winter?

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A mask is going to temporarily change the ordinary function and response of your oil glands which ok once a month or so but as often as you’re doing could confuse your body and even risk overworking the stretching and contractions of your pores.

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@Brian1946 I have combination skin. Gets dry in the winters.

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I suggest you experiment, I certainly would, everyone’s skin responds so differently.

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