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What's a great gift for a woman who...

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) January 3rd, 2012 in her 50s
..appreciates fine things
..loves her dog
..likes sailing and travel
..drinks wine
..burns candles
..maintains a beautiful garden

I have been browsing for days and can’t think of anything good. Budget is $20–30.

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Do you have a grooming salon for dogs in your area? If so, is she the type of person who would appreciate her dog going to one?

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Tokyo milk candles. Look em up and check them out. I’m currently in bed with insomnia typing from my phone or I would hook up the link. Pair the candle with a nice couple of flowers.

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What about a beautiful scarf? Something she can wrap around her hair when sailing or while working in the garden or walking her dog. Look at the colours she wears to determine what colours to go with.

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Thanks for the recs!

@AnonymousGirl This is a great idea. She takes him to one but I don’t know which. Are there like special services I might be able to get that she probably doesn’t typically have done?

@judochop Cool will look up, thanks! I thought about getting her a nice candle, but then, I’m not sure what scents she would like. She had one that smelled maybe cinnamon-y…maybe I would just go with that…

@Bellatrix I’ve never seen her wearing a scarf…I’m not sure if it’s because she doesn’t have any but wants one or just doesn’t wear them. I‘d love a beautiful scarf, though, hmmm….

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You’re welcome. :)

I have a friend who works at one. They give baths there and are willing to do other things as well that a dog owner might not want to do, but still wants done. It’s pretty neat. I want to check it out sometime with my family’s kittens as they take care of cats, too.

I’ll send you a PM with more details!

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You described me. (except maybe the sailing, and I would love to drink wine but I can’t. )
You didn’t say what your relationship was. That makes a difference.
For me, something that showed you thought about me would be great. How are you at writing? A poem or a song would be nice, or even a letter expressing your sentiment. If you can’t write, you might have someone help you. You could say, “I commissioned this piece just for you.”
At my age, I really don’t want to collect any more useless baubles, I’m picky about my candle sents, my perfume and my bubble bath, and I really care most about the relationships in my life. That’s not so say that I don’t like gifts, it’s just that my motivation is different now. I get pleasure knowing that someone took the time to think of me, to honor me. When I was younger, it was about getting the gift, now it’s about receiving the heart of the giver.

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A gift certificate along with a seed catalogue. Great for dreaming of spring and gardening/

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Tokyo milk will not have any cinnamon candles. There candles smell like lavender honey with leather, cherry gin and pepper, cardamon clove and rain….you get the picture. These are really nice candles, not Yankee candle factory.

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$30 worth of organic mulch or dried manure from her local gardening center. Those are my favorite gifts. Personally I loathe the artificial and cloying scent of perfumed candles. If you put a small pot on to boil and throw some cinnamon sticks and orange peel in it, you get a lovely aroma.

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Dog antlers
A nice bottle of wine
ship in a bottle
gardening tools (or nice gloves for gardening)

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ugh, spelling errors, was on my phone still, sorry.
I like what @gailcalled has to say about the candles but the nice thing about TokyoMilk is that they are not artificial.

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If you’re able to gift in person then spend $30.00 on flowers and a card.

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A gift certificate to Victoria Secret…every woman loves a little pampering :)

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