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What is the incentive Fluther has for getting a high score for great answers other than just feel proud you got a high score ?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 19th, 2008

I know people here love to lurve others for different reasons, not just great answers, perhaps friendships have a lot to do with it. What do you get for a high point score?

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You mean feeling appreciated isn’t enough for you?

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@wildflower Hmmm…....well I do feel good about it, but I just think there should be something more than that.

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I’m partial to gold bullion.

Though, in all seriousness, I think its just a mark of being an intriguing and informative individual and simply makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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@edmartin101 – you should view the articles in the search I did in Fluther for fluther points

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@ccatron I did a search under Fluther plans for points, but didn’t get the results I was looking for.

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One thing I use it for when I get an answer is that I have noted that points correlate with thoughtful, usually useful answers. I am not saying it is a perfect correlation or that new people cannot have good answers, just that I have noticed that correlation.

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I have noticed that good answers don’t always lead to points. It seems that jokes and rah rah stuff get you more lurve than anything else. So I guess I would loosen up and see what happens.

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In fairness, someone who can make you smile – or even laugh – while still making a good point (and it’s OK if that point is only marginally related) or giving useful information deserves a GA. In my opinion more so than a straight-forward, dry and factual response. That’s how I see it.

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@edmartin101 – if you click on the link in my previous post, you’ll see a bunch of similar questions to what you are asking…

in short, points are supposed to be more about gauging the validity of an answer given by a flutherer. in theory, the more points a person has the more you should be able trust their answer. at least that’s the way I see it.

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I understand what you’re saying, but something that personally ticks me off is when someone asks a question, others take the time not only to answer it, but give good, succinct, helpful and on target answers, and the person who asked the question doesn’t even bother to give a single response a point.

Thoughtfulness is not only in the answering process it should also be part of the recognition process.

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@ccatro I agree with you on the search criteria you posted on your previous post. I just said that I happened to look under a different search name so I didn’t get the results you did.

In regards to the conclusion you have about the reason why ppl get points doesn’t always match up to “the more points a person has the more you should be able trust their answer” cos in many instances ppl get points just for being funny and gregarious

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@edmartin101 – agreed. that’s why I added the “in theory” part in my response.

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@wildflower that’s too bad I don’t always have the charisma to make ppl smile and have a good time

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Fluther feature request: you know how you can flag a Q or an A as offtopic, dumb, etc? Well, my suggestion is to add some more flags, positive ones, and then besides just showing the GA count, also show the Flag count, too. (For space reasons, perhaps only show the highest-voted flag).

So for example, someone might make a humorous statement, but that’s not really an Answer, per sé. That could be flagged as “Funny” and then that flag could appear on the line with user’s name and GA count.

The idea would be to reclaim Great Answer for what it really is.

Just a thought.

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Great suggestion! It could be like ‘lurve categories’. Now, chances are you might want to give someone a ‘funny’ and ‘useful’ flag, but still, then we won’t have to debate what criteria to apply.

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I think the way lurve is structured it lends itself to encourage the extreme or polarizing answers. People can’t un-lurve or de-lurve a question. You can only vote positively. So if you were to say, for example, “CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM IS THE BEST”, all chocolate ice cream fans could GA you and vanilla ice cream fans have no recourse.

Not sure if this is better or worse than a system like Digg, where you can thumbs up or thumbs down a comment or article. Also not sure what this has to do with the original question.

So high scorers can be people who are very thoughtful, or very funny, or any number of other things. But I agree these are not always the best answers.

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<<< mine are for sale.

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Am I the only one that signed up for the flutherbucks feature? It was on the signup screen. I can’t believe that none of you saw it. Basically, whenever I get a “Great Answer” or a “Great Question” I get money deposited into my paypal account, much the same way that Google AdSense works. I think the verbiage associated with it was to reward the users for making the community stronger or something like that.

Honestly, I can’t believe none of you take advantage of this program!

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Ah! Thanks…. .067 cents for me!

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@banjo, ah… you’re on the new system then. I’m on the old system where my lurve auto-applies to frequent flier miles. I’m going to Timbuktu on my Fluthermiles!

@glial’s been selling his independently, and doing quite well. But I think that’s a pyramid scheme he’s working on building.

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Here’s a mile for you then. Have a good trip.

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Nice thing about being 1000+ lurve is that I’m now GOLD status… twice the miles! So that’s two for me.

Thanks, mate!

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As ”#”€% usual, these blinkin-flip reward schemes only apply to US (not that I’m bitter or anything).

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@robmandu that’s a great suggestion for funny answers

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its not about the scores

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Well. The Fluther points reward program offers many prizes. Points earned here can be redeemed for an all expense paid trip in your dreams…

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I think if you took the point system out the quality of Fluther would go up. I think that a lot of users fall in love with Fluther because of the instant gratification they get from receiving lurve. I don’t pay attention to the point system, just because you have a low score doesn’t mean you can’t have an insightful answer to a question.

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It’s ok to receive Fluther points. I guess you guys are right about receiving instant gratification with this point system so you can redeem them in your virtual most spectacular vacation resort. I just thought we could set up a fund raiser while we get points and help a worthy cause. People run marathons and for every mile they collect funds that would go toward a charity org. So I figured we could do sth similar

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If you would like to see an example of a question that was acknowledge as a GREAT QUESTiON, by The Collective, see link,

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@sccrowell, hah! That’s great!

Too bad @sferik knows how to rig the system such that you didn’t get 3,000,009 lurve points for that one.

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Geez thanks rob I just wanted to mess with ed

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@sccrowell It is not a Great Question, It is The Greatest Ever!!! but where did all the point go… probably bought yourself a nice house in the bahamas, huh!!!

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Thanks Ed for being a GREAT Sport!!!!!

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