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Do you have a forbidden crush or a good forbidden crush story?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) May 19th, 2008

xacrox’s question reminded me that I do. I’ve been fatally attracted to a cousin of mine since we were in our early teens, and it’s really difficult to keep a lid on that when she’s around. We have a great relationship beyond that, though, and I’m 99% sure that the feeling isn’t mutual so I’m sure it’ll stay squelched.

and no I haven’t said it without saying it (see xacrox’s question)

What about you and has it, will it or won’t it amount to anything?

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Wait. Did you just say your attracted to your cousin? and you just told all of us this?

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So what are you saying?

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Kevbo, ever read Nerve by Dick Francis? Perhaps because it was the first book of his that ever read, it is my favorite. The theme? The hero’s near-lifelong passion for his first cousin.

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Sweet. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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Hmmm not sure that I do have one but this is a good question.

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if i told her, nathan would kill me…j/k….or am i? no i’m kidding…

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In junior high, I had a total crush on a guy who barely knew I existed. We were in some of the same classes. The things I did to get this guy’s attention. I joined the chess club. He was expert, and I had never played chess so that didn’t help.

He was also captain of the golf team. Desperate (and I would have had to have been to have contemplated golf), I decided to turn out for the team. The instructor lined us up at a group of tees at the driving range. He was demonstrating grip. He asked my crush to help.

My flame stepped behind me and demonstrated the grip. I was so totally overcome at his nearness, I was completely incapable of taking in the instruction. He stepped back and told me to make my swing. I looked at the ball, looked to the side at him between my downcast lashes, and let ‘er rip.

The club head hit the ball with a satisfying thwack. The ball arced up and out into its flight. Uh oh, The ball kept arcing up, and then over my head, and then back, beaning the hapless golf team coach in the head.

I was humiliated and being of fair complexion, my blush rivalled a great sunset, starting at the neck and going all the way to the hairline. When the coach suggested perhaps the golf team was not the best choice for me, I slunk off.

Once great thing about the loves of junior high is how fleeting they are. We moved that summer, and a really cute guy lived in the building across the way. I forgot all about him.

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I had a crush on my high school history teacher. His name was.. is (he’s not dead) Mr. Sorbello, but he insisted we call him by his first name, Shiloh. I actually had forgotten about him until this question.

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I had loads of these as a kid. Having a brother that’s 10 years older, I had crushes on quite a few of his friends, but 5 and 15 just doesn’t work, does it?

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I have a story about this type of thing, that involves 2 of my former professors who are now married and both teach at an Ivy League school.
He was a professor (married) at a small school in New England where her boyfriend at the time was getting his Master’s degree. He was the boyfriend’s thesis advisor and that’s how they initially met. She was 15 years younger than he was but the attraction was immediate and mutual. They started seeing each other behind the boyfriend’s back and eventually she broke up with the boyfriend and they went public with their relationship…which did not go over well in the small university town they both lived in at the time (the boyfriend wasn’t happy about this either, heh). He got a divorced, they moved, he got another job at a different university, she got her PhD, and now they both teach at the same school. It’s funny when you hear the story from them because they’re very straight-laced people who you wouldn’t picture having this type of torrid affair.

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In fifth grade I had a crush on a
nice boy named Billy Gubelman who was a year or two older than me. Naturally it was hopeless, because of the age (therefore status) differential. Still, one day I very shyly told my friend Toddy, though she was at the time a mean little snake, that I thought Billy Gubelman was handsome, and she told her older brother Sambo (it’s true; Sambo and Toddy),and the next thing I knew, all the older kids were
singing “Gubelman loves Susan Glenn, etc; repeat infinitely)”. Billy Gubelman then came over to where I was standing horrified – I knew he didn’t “love” me – and in front of everybody he gripped
my upper arms and said to me very strongly, “This is not funny. Stop it.” “I didn’t do it,” I whispered, but he didn’t believe me.
So from my experience – this was it – forbidden love should be hidden, kev.
But sweetie, if you did get it on with your cousin it would be okay with me. Do you worry about strange children? Strange children have come from exogamous marriages too, you know.

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Most of by male teachers were very attractive. :) in high school and even elementary.

By cousin had a crush on one another cousin, who was way older than her. You aren’t the only one kev.

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@susan- uh, children? Doctor, I think I’m cured!

@thehaight, I actually had a very subtle offer from a different, more distant cousin. Too subtle, apparently, because I was oblivious and didn’t realize what transpired until a few years later. It wasn’t as much of a mutual thing, but I kind of feel bad for not handling it in a more gracious manner.

@Kay, that’s a juicy one and just reiterates for me how volatile life can be when it comes to matters of the heart (or loins, perhaps). I mean, seriously, would it even have been possible for them to deny what they felt? I would guess probably not.

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@Kevbo: They have one of the best relationships I’ve ever encountered…they’ve been married now for almost 20 years and they’re genuinely happy together. I think they’re both very thankful that they “went for it” even though it wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

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I had a ‘thing’ with one of my cousins too. It’s ok tho, we are distant cousins, and it didn’t last long. Whenever we see each other at family weddings or reunions we talk about the what ifs. Ah, but it wasn’t mant to be…...

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everyone is entitled to their thoughts, fantasies and crushes, a distant cousin of mine was hot but I couldn’t do it.

I had a crush on a girl in high school only to realize that some things are meant be and some aren’t there isn’t a what if but more of things happen for a reason.

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kevbo: i hope your cousin isn’t on fluther!

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“What? You mean you thought—no, no, no, I was talking about a different cousin.”

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i used to have a huge crush on my boyfriends brother. i think thats pretty forbidden.

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That’s because you’re a slut.

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I had a huge crush on the production supervisor of a film I worked on. He had a wife and 3 kids. He had a crush on me, too, I came to find out at the wrap party. Nothing happened, he just admitted it. So, in lieu of doing anything about it, he gave me a bonus of $2K at the end of the shoot.

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I currently have a crush on my second-degree cousin. I had recently traveled to the Philippines and met much of my extended family, and he and I clicked almost instantly. He even came to visit me and keep me company on my last day there. It’s a bit of a tough situation, though—not only are we related, but since I live in the States, I won’t see him for another four years (perhaps that’s a positive, less temptation).

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In elementary, I had a crush on a boy 2 years older than me, but I’m in high school now and we’re dating!

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