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How are the short hairstyles from the 1960's achieved?

Asked by DaphneT (5728points) January 7th, 2012

I’m looking for a new do. How does one style short hair and achieve those lifted styles that were so prevalent during the 60’s? Is it just the cut? Did they use fillers? How did they get it so smooth?

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Check YouTube. There are countless instructional play by play styles from the mod era.

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I asked my wife, and she said lots of teasing and hair spray.
It is quite damaging to the hair.

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I agree with @filmfann. I hated that era’s hair styles.

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Judo’s advice on checking YouTube should yield some good results for you. I know many women in my family get ideas for their hair off YT vids.

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True women teased their hair. Also true many many women wore wigs or hair pieces. That’s how most of the actresses today acheive their hairstyles now also wigs or extensions, we don’t use teasing much anymore though.

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I had a super short hair cut about 7 years ago, and achieved the ‘lift’ with just a great haircut, and a little dry wax for hair.

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I remember my mum using heated rollers and lots and lots of hairspray.

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A lot of women relied on ‘perms’ for body, too. That’s just a step too far for me but I can see how it would work.

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@faye I totally forgot about perms! So true. I should get one.

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Perms, Hot Rollers, Portable Helmet Hairdryers, Foam Rollers worn to bed, Falls (Hair pieces put into the hair style to add volume), loads of hair spray and teasing combs with heavy usage of bobby pins.

Really, I like retro -hairstyles, for a fun/different look when going out on the town. However, I prefer them with a modern haircut, a good hair coloring, volumizer and a bit of spray to hold it in place. The actual 60’s do’s used so much hairspray that a wind tunnel would have produced zero movement…that’s just not a sexy look.

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