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What do you think of Cassie's new haircut, and do you think I should get it?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) August 20th, 2009

alright. so here’s just some pics to start off if you don’t know what style i’m talking about.

so i’m going to be junior in high school, and I love this edgy/rockstar look. Another thing, my hair is falling out. I mean not a lot to where I have bald spots, but to where my hair looks somewhat thinner. Anyways would this look be appropriate, do you think it will look good with me?
here’s a picture of me:

also if you have any expertise on this particular hairstyle, or if you could give any tips on it or information that you know of would be awesome!

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Waaaait. You’re going to be a junior in high school and you were that old in 1988?

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I’ll be blunt.
That hair style is disgusting.

Inferno, it’s a joke because she’s wearing retro-as-fuck clothes

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My knee-jerk reaction is that I can’t believe anyone would ever do that to her hair. =/

You have lovely hair and I think with your facial structure it looks better to have hair framing your face on both sides, especially as your chin is kind of angular. I don’t really have any suggestions for alternate hairstyles, but I think you look fine as it is. Seriously.

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LOL sorry. that was just the caption on my picture. I’m 16. that picture that’s of me on my myspace is a retro look that I had and that’s the caption i put for it.

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Don’t do that to yourself

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I don’t know why anyone would do that to themselves. I hope you were kidding.

And I’ve found, with bald spots, the longer the hair the better.

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Oh, hahaha.
Yeah, the outfit had me convinced :P
Back to the point: I think the haircut looks wretched, don’t do it… guys will not be attracted to you and, in fact, will probably think you’re a freak.
Just tellin’ it like it is. Sometimes you have to deal with the trade-off of being “different.”

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Also, if you’re losing your hair, you’ll want to rework your hair routine. Switch to a shampoo without sulfates and find products with MSM in them (if you’re not allergic to sulfur).

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You look great with your current hair style, but I say, if you like it go for it. Hair will always grow back.

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I guess if you want to have people staring at you and you want to stick out from the crowd (like a sore thumb) then go ahead. It would probably be easy to take care of.
Men have so much more freedom with their hair than women generally do, so you must be a brave woman!!!

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I do like the shaven parts of the haircut in the pictures.
But not in combination with the long hair.
Totally (really) short hair with shaven patterns i think look pretty stylish.

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Sure, go for it. Most employers will not hire someone with such an outlandish cut, so this might be your only opportunity to let it all out.

Go get ‘em.

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I almost always give the green light for experimentation. Just be sure to ask yourself, “What’s it gonna hurt?” Will you get made fun of in school? Will your friends act weird? Will your parents kick you out? Do what makes you happy, but be sure that you will be happy with it.

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I kinda like it on the right person. I don’t know you, so I don’t know if you’re the right kind of person. That hair takes balls and thick skin, and the understanding that you will get looks and negative feedback. If you’re ok with that and you like it, go for it.

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This is why everyone hates pictures of themselves when they were teenagers.

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Well as a member of the Christian Coalition young Republicans probably not.
As a member of an eighties one hit wonder band, it’s on.
gotta love those 80’s retro special effects :)

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@filmfann Yes. I’d probably burn all mine if I could. And it wasn’t even that long ago.

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@casheroo and @filmfann I never had a really out there teenage phase with hair or clothing, and I kinda wish I had pictures to look at and laugh at myself. I guess you always want what you can’t have (like the balls to shave half my head).

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@Likeradar Ugh, I’ve had some awful hair colors and cuts (the cuts mainly because I didn’t speak up to the stylist) And the way I dressed…just thinking of having a daughter dress like that brings on panic attacks!

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hair grows back. if you like it a lot, do it.
if you’re going to be too worried about what people think about how it looks, don’t do it – you’re just going to feel self-conscious about it, and if your hair looks like that, you gotta wear it with a massive amount of confidence.

when i was in junior high, i dyed my hair to hell and back. i regret it because a lot of the colours i tried looked bad and dying hair that often is so bad for it! but i got it out of my system. it made me happy at the time.

i think it looks cute on her. i wouldn’t personally do it, but if you can rock it, you can rock it. it’s a matter of confidence more than face shape.

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Anyone who’s wondering. I did not get the hair cut. lol
I just got my hair cut mid-length and layered edgy. Real cute actually.

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Sounds nice. You probably would have regretted the other one, or maybe not.

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@NazNthahouse23 I was actually going to suggest a cut like that in my post! Edgy layered cuts are really cute. Anyway, you’d have to maintain the shaved part of the other hair cut all the time to keep it looking fresh.

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