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Whats your favorite cheap halloween candy?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) May 19th, 2008

i like rockets, despite the chalkiness

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Candy corn.

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im a big fan of candy corn pumpkins

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Candy Corn

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I like Bottle Caps & Lemon Heads too

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I like to eat the candy corn in sections. From tip to base, of course.

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anyone else make shapes with their candy corn before they eat them? I like to put a bunch of them next to each other until they make a big circle of sugary doom.

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Candy corn, God help me. I used to bite the white parts off, eat the orange middle first, then the white tops, and last the tiny white tips.

I also loved those wax teeth with liquid in them.

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Gosh I hope you didn’t just find a stashed bag…..

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Dum dums, the lollipops

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Mary Janes and Bit-o-Honey. Cherry or lemon flavored Tootsie Rolls aren’t bad either.

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@AstroChuck It is a miracle I have teeth after Bit-o-Honey. How about Chick O Stick?

AstroChuck's avatar

Never was much for Chick O Sticks. I always lliked Abba-Dabas, though.

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@Boffin I second the Smarties. Once I start I can’t stop….

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ooh, I forgot Smarties! How could I have done that? Lemonheads were the worst.

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Root Beer Barrels. I think they are long gone now though.

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@cprevite: root beer barrels are still available…I have a half of a bag and I just popped one in your honor. Smarties are my favorite but candy corn is a close second. I still have an unopened box of Lemonheads, if anyone is interested.

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I love Swedish Fish!

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iJimmy: I love Swedish Fish too, but only the red ones.

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Boston Baked Beans were pretty lousy. I don’t remember Swedish Fish coming in anything other than larger bags. I never got them for Halloween. What do any of you think about Circus Peanuts?

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Now days you can get Swedish Fish individually wrapped for Halloween. Circus Peanuts are nasty. More than one is too much sugar and makes me sick instantly.

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AstroChuck: I’ve seen Swedish Fish in small bags before. It’s like a bag of three fish.

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I guess the cheese stands alone with the Circus Peanuts. I used to love them. I don’t eat them anymore as I’m vegetarian. (they contain gelatin.)

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You’re not alone. My uncle can eat a whole bag and wish he had more. I can eat about 3 and then I’m good.

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I’m a fan of the wax grill.

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@astrochuck i loveeeee circus peanuts.

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@whattheflutther: Oooh. Where did you get your Root Beer Barrels. I’d love to find them again (only 1 a week though as I’m diabetic).

@AstroChuck: I was always disappointed by Boston Baked Beans (being from Boston and all). And Circus Peanuts ARE yummy.

Now we need a thread on Penny Candy Stores.

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@cprevite: this is the ebay seller I buy from, although there are many others: root beer barrels

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Candy corn! Also Boston Baked Beans, Circus Peanuts, and Bit O Honey

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Good – anything licorice flavored. Bad – popcorn balls.

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Candy Corn, although I live in Australia and we don’t really celebrate Halloween, so Candy Corn is rare but oh so tasty! We have an import store and I always buy some when I can.

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Lemon heads, Wonka goodies, sour stuff.

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Brachs candy corn and pumpkins

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Out of my average Halloween candy haul, aside from the regular candy like Reese’s and Snickers I really like the non-chocolate flavored Tootsie Rolls.

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