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I'm looking for a reasonably priced, modern, electronic fireplace? Any suggestions?

Asked by Jude (32144points) January 15th, 2010

One that sits on the floor, not a hanging/wall mounted one, as I’ll be hanging my flat sceen t.v. over top of the fireplace.

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They are the worst for being econmical. They suck a ton of energy and provide very little heat.

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Really? Well, that’s no good.

And, that’s a wrap.

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I only know this because:
An old friend of mine owns part of one of the companies that makes these things.
I’ll admit, they are nice but yeah they suck the power grid dry. Some places in California do not even allow them.

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I have the Dimplex CS1205 and I love it. It hasn’t made our electric bill rise noticeably. We’ve had it a year and use it every day in the winter for about eight hours. We bought it to supplement our forced-air unit and it’s done the job. Our living room has nine-foot ceilings and is about 15×25.

There are three settings on it- fire only, low heat and high heat. I don’t use the high heat for long because the plug gets warm (not hot) but I’m a worry-wart. Low heat, I can leave it on for hours. When the fireplace only is on I can leave it on 24/7.

It’s cool to the touch on top, as the heat comes out of the bottom, so I don’t have to worry about my cats sitting on it.

I paid $99 for it and we’re looking at buying a second one for another room.

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there’s one made by the Amish in PA…. the commercials are kinda hilarious.

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We bought a Dimplex stove style heater for our TV room and have been happy with it overall. We have central heating, but that room is far from the thermostat and the ducts weren’t adequate in that part of the house. We were frequently cold, even with sweaters, slippers and afghans. Because the room is partly below grade, venting for a wood stove was not an option. The room is much more pleasant to spend time in on cold winter evenings now.

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