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What happens if no Republican has enough support to be selected as candidate at their convention?

Asked by WestRiverrat (20062points) January 11th, 2012

Would they select a nominee from the current candidates or will they draft someone that isn’t on the ballot now?

If they decide to draft someone else, who should it be?

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Each party has its own rules on what happens if no one has a majority of delegates. At some point the delegates are released and there can be a draft if none of the nominated candidates can get a majority.

I am a Democrat, but if I were a Republican looking to draft a presidential candidate, Chris Christie would be hard to beat. Haley Barbour just pardoned a huge bunch of criminals, he’s out. Bobby Jindal reminds everyone of Kenneth on 30 Rock. And Jeb Bush is a Bush, that dynasty is over.

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Seems an unlikely scenario. So far there have been two primaries. Romney has won both. I know the pundits are trying to make news and questioning why he didn’t get more than 50% but there are 6 candidates, all drawing votes. S.Carolina and Florida should whittle it down to two or three. It took Obama until June to finally get the votes he needed. There will be a clear winner, no need to fret.

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Wikipedia - A brokered convention is a situation in United States politics in which there are not enough delegates ‘won’ during the presidential primary and caucus elections for a single candidate to have a pre-existing majority…

…thereafter, the nomination is decided through a process of alternating political horse-trading, and additional re-votes…

…all regular delegates (who, previously, were pledged to the candidate who had won their respective state’s primary or caucus election) are “released,” and are able to switch their allegiance to a different candidate before the next round of balloting. It is hoped that this ‘freedom’ will result in a re-vote resulting in a clear majority of delegates for one candidate.

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They would wheel and deal and come up with a single candidate.

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@zenvelo no so fast. If Jeb (my preferred candidate) did run, he could beat Obama. Better campaigner, smoother than his bro W. And a better record.

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But @cletrans2col, didn’t most people learn their lesson with the last Bush? And even if he DOES run, that could certainly be construed as a dynasty, and wouldn’t that be bad idea, even if he did win?

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