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Am I overweight?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2787points) January 11th, 2012

I’m 16 years old, 125 pounds, and 5’2. My mom keeps pressuring me to lose weight, but I don’t think I look that bad. xD
So is she right? Am I overweight? Or is that a proper weight for my age and height?

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No, you’re not. You sound like you’re a very healthy weight.

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That sounds right.

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Thanks for your response.

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Have a look at the chart from @Charles’ question.
Having checked the chart myself (with your height and weight) I can tell you that you appear to be in perfect balance.

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Also, if you are an athlete and have more than average muscle mass, then that chart (charts of those kind typically) will say you are overweight when you are not.

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And, BTW, not to disrespect your mother, but she needs to talk to your doctor about that. No reputable physician will advocate a young person of your age, weight and height losing. Really.

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You’re fine. I was that height and weight in high school and looked good. If you feel healthy, are active and eat well, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Your mother in confused.

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According the US Dept of Health and Human Services calculator your Body Mass Index is 22.9
Here’s what that means:
BMI Categories:
* Underweight = <18.5
* Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
* Overweight = 25–29.9
* Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
So, you are a touch on the high side of the center of normal BMI, 21.7, which is 119 pounds.
Are you active? Can you run without getting winded? Are you physically fit? Are you suddenly gaining weight? Only you can answer these questions.
There is never a better time to get healthy than right now. That is true no matter how old you are.

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I’m 5’2” also, and I look perfectly fine at 125 lbs. Tell your mom to get over her Barbie issues.

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Agree with all of the above. Not to mention you are probably still growing and developing. Eat healthy, play some sport and don’t let your mum cause you to become stressed about your weight.

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If you work out and are more fit, a little more muscular than the average 16 year old then your weight is probably fine. If you just get average activity, no specific muscle building exercises I think you are towards the high side of normal. I don’t think you should go on a diet, but I do think if you eat a lot of unhealthy food you should trade out part of your diet for healthier food, and if you don’t exercise much (even just walking, or playing a sport) then maybe add some activity.

I think staying between 115–120 is probably a better weight for you, unless you are still growing of course. Not below 110.

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Here is a better calculator specifically designed for teens. It is by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You enter date of birth and date of reading, height and weight. (I put in some guess values already.) BMI Calculator
It places you in the 74th percentile.
For teenage girls of your height and age the 50th percentile is about 115 pounds. You can play with the numbers yourself and ignore them as you wish.
Your mother cannot control how you exercise or what and how much you put in your mouth. It has to be your decision. Life is full of choices and we all must live with the ones we make.

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Perhaps you should paste this to the refrigerator
I am sure there are printable formulas online.

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You are not over weight at all. In theory, you could safely lose up to ten pounds or so but really there is no need at all. Really no need, especially if you are happy. You are right square in the middle of healthy BMI. Crackerjacks! You mom isn’t being a great parent when she tells you to lose weight. If you are happy with your body, she should consider herself lucky – far to many young girls are unhappy with their weight. Piff. You are fine, don’t listen to her or anyone else who says you’re overweight if you are 125.

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125 and muscular build looks much different than 125 and flabby with poor muscle mass. If I weighed what is a healthy weight for my height then I would be at the weight I was at after being on meth for 3 years. (not healthy) Proportion has a lot to do with it too. I have very muscular legs and butt from dancing for so many years and due to genetics… I look best a little above what is considered “healthy weight” for my height. Muscle weighs more than fat so that counts for something! So glad to hear you are happy with the way you look. I wish I had a healthy body image! I have struggled with the issue for 2 decades and I’m not fat but feel “in my head” like I am obese! Kudos to you!

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Your doctor, not your mother, should be your guide. Your mother is right to be concerned about excess weight, because the issue is in the news, but the doctor will be the final authority.

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Well you’re 5 ft 2, great weight for you and maybe you even have eyes of blue.
What kind of a mom have you?

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Did you rhyme that on purpose? xD

Thanks for your help everyone!

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If you have to key in on a single number, I would go with body fat percentage rather than BMI for the same reasons mentioned by @gravity (how muscular are you? are you of slender or robust skeletal build?). However this is not so easy to determine. The most accurate way of determining this is being weighed while immersed in water and having the value compared to your “dry” weight.

The U.S. military uses this formula and table for women with weight, height, waist, hip and neck measurements as the input. You can compare your result for the standards they apply to new recruits, recruits after boot camp and regular service members.

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Here is a Body Mass Index calculator. According to it, you have a BMI or 22.9. Ideal is between 18.5 and 24.9, so you’re about in the middle. Overweight is above 25.0 and up. And up is considered obese.30

BTW, I just has a full physical, and got flying colors. At 67, I’m the picture of health according to the doctor. I’m 5’ 10” and 158 lbs. That is a BMI of 222.7; almost identical to yours. Show your mom the BMI calculator and maybe it will calm her fears. After all, she just wants the best for you.

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It really depends on where the weight is. You your height and weight are fine but if most of that weight is in the center of your body than you may have too much visceral fat. That is fat that is wrapped around the organs and can lead to health issues.
Unfortunately most of the scales only quote numbers but cannot tell you if you have mostly visceral fat or subcutaneous fat.
Rule of thumb is that women will usually carry their heaviest weight on their hips and that is not so bad unless they are really overwieght. But if your waist line is bigger than your hips than you may need to address that. If not than I wouldn’t worry. Just build more muscles and the rest will take care of itself.
If you are carrying most of your weight in the middle than cut down sweets and junk food. You don’t need them at any age and engage in some active sport and work on your muscles. You don’t need to really diet at 15 and certainly not at your weight. But your shape and how you feel should dictate how you address your weight. Not your mothers expectations of how you should be some sort of fake doll. Do what is best for your over all health.
Subcutaneous and visceral fat
Here is a calculator that takes body measurements and weight and height and can better calculate how much actual fat you have. It even has pictures on where to measure. It will give you a more accurate number. At least as close as you would get. There are machines that do it but they are super expensive.
Military fat calculator

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No, you’re not at all. Tell your mom that skeleton people are not attractive.

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Nah, you’re good. When I was 16 I weighed 124, and I was two inches taller. People told me that I was too skinny and need to put on some weight all the time.

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