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If I'm having some little twinges in my chest, that means I shouldn't do laundry today, right?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) January 12th, 2012


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It means your timer wants you to set it for 10 mins and only do 10mins worth of housework today.

Then, you should put your feet up and partake in a chocolate. to end the chest pain, of course

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Those twinges aren’t going away on their own. Now get out there and rob that liquor store.

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Laundry is, in my opinion, the least terrible of household chores. I did my laundry today. :P

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I don’t know about laundry, but you certainly shouldn’t be vacuuming or scrubbing the toilet.

I think the 10 min timer and chocolate are a given.

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No doubt! : )

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Actually, it means you shouldn’t have done laundry yesterday. It’s a lag time thing.

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I think i saw it in the laundry pile

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It means I’ll come and do your laundry. Then you can come here and do my dishes. The whole arrangement sounds very relaxing.

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Twinges for laundry? Yeah, sure, like I will quit smoking today… way.

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