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Laundry for Bacheloriods: how do you clean a pair of really dirty pants?

Asked by Nullo (21978points) March 16th, 2012

These would be my work pants. I wear them in a job that has a lot of dirt, a lot of grease, and a lot of blood. I wash them after each wearing, but they never come perfectly clean, and even fresh from the washer, they’re stained at the knees and ankles and feel grimy around the cuffs.

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I’m wondering what kind of detergent you’re using and whether your machine has a soak cycle on it.

I would recommend pre-treating the dirtiest areas with a something like Resolve/Spray ‘n Wash. I would then soak them. If your machine has a soak cycle, use it. If not, just put them in the washer with the regular detergent, fill it with some water, and turn it off for a bit. Come back at a later time to start the regular wash cycle.

If that fails to get the grime out, then you might consider having them professionally cleaned.

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Had he lived, I’ll bet that Warren Zevon would have had an answer.

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They need a pre wash and an extra rinse after the second wash. I use a cup of Oxyclean in the pre-wash. It dissolves the organics in the clothing. My washer has a pre-wash cycle which agitates a little bit, then soaks, agitate, soak and short wash cycle, then I put in more soap and run a full regular wash, with the extra rinse cycle turned on.

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For grease I use Lestoil. Put it on the greasy areas and scrub it into the fabric with a brush. then soak and wash in HOT water. you will then have to wash them again with regular detergent to get the Lestoil smell out, or at least rinse twice.

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I would use spot cleaning on the really dirty parts. Sard wonder soap or something like that to get into the grime before you wash. I don’t know what the product @Wilma mentions is, but any sort of product that will cut through the grease and grime before the normal wash.

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When my pants get permanently grungy, I just dye them black.

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I tried the ‘soak’ feature. It worked rather well, though I suspect that it is responsible for the hole that appeared in the cuff later on.

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