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What to does one do for a low-key birthday?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) January 13th, 2012

If you were to do something simple and low-key for a 51st birthday (other than cry for being so old) what would you do? Movie, stuff yourself at the buffet (even when you can’t get more than a good plate down), fly a kite, picnic by the railroad tracks, sleep it away, what?

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Nothing, wake up and then go back to sleep…...WAKE ME UP WHEN IT’S OVER!

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I like the buffet idea, but also the sleeping idea… Wake up late, eat as much delicious food as I can, go back to sleep? Maybe all while watching one of my favourite movies. Yeah, that sounds nice.

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Whatever I want.
Happy birthday!

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Can you go away, just with your partner? If I didn’t want people to make a fuss, I would just take off for a lovely weekend away with my SO.

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Commerce cashing in on human narcissism = western birthdays.

Look at it this way.. Q. who deserves the most respect upon a birthday?
A. The woman that gave the birth.

Birthdays should only be for women imho.

(lol, afterthought on equal rights has me thinking that men should have conceptdays)

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Maybe I’d just have a cake with my family.

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ps. happy birthday. :)

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My daughter in law and I have our birthdays a day apart. This year, I have enough points to rent a hotel room for two nights. The hotel we are staying at has an indoor pool, and everybody here will be going to a pool party Friday night. Sonny and wife stay the first night, then we will have another pool party Saturday, and hubby and I stay the second night.

The pool party includes 9 people, Hubby, myself, Sonny, his wife, two adult grandsons, one girlfriend, and the two preschool grandsons. We will have take out from nearby restaurants for at least two meals each day.

Sunday, instead of going right home, Hubby and I are going to visit a couple of north county wineries.

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First of all, @Hypocrisy_Central , better to be 51 than…well…dead. Do whatever you enjoy on your birthday. I’ll often do this. Maybe celebrate with others on a more convenient day, but the day itself? Some self-indulgence, maybe a movie I want to see that no one else is interested in, do the buffet – why not? Tell occasional random strangers it’s your birthday, people are cute when they react to that. Happiest of Days, HC, have some fun!

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Other than cry for being so old. What? Are you serious?

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Have some close friends in for pizza and beer.

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Are you another January Jelly?

First, I do birthday month, and it takes the pressure off the day. My birthday is pretty bad timing being early January. I didn’t have any birthday cake yet, because after all that holiday food and sweets, I didn’t want it. Sometime during the month my husband and I will go out to one of my favorite restaurants that we rarely go to. Oh, by the way I get all sorts of birthday coupons from restaurants and Macy’s. Actually, the next time I fill out a thingy for a store or restaurant, I am going to put a false birthday so I can get some specials for my half birthday in July. Anyway, I use up some of the coupons which means maybe a shopping trip I would not have done otherwise. I treat myself to some things I usually don’t do, a little freer in my spending.

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You have all my fixings here! Pizza, a movie, maybe just stay on Fluther all day.
Sounds good to me!
What do I do for my birthday? I go to the dentist.

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Seriously, you are a few months older than me and I’m young, Baby. Even in my 20s, 30s and 40s, I liked to keep it lowkey and didn’t want anyone to know it was my birthday. Not anymore. This year, God willing, I’ve decided to broadcast my fabulous birthday to everyone I know in hopes of getting lots and lots of birthday greetings and hugs! I suggest you do the same you little whippersnapper. I’m going to do anything I want and not ask permission or seek approval. I may play golf, go to the casino, see a flick, eat at a buffett, go to Disney World or perhaps a combination of all of these things. I’m going to wrap up my great day by dancing naked in my living room. I may even sneak into the pool again for a midnight swim!

What ever day it was that your Mommy gave birth to you, Happy Birthday to you. Just be happy.

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In his untimely absence, you can give yourself the gift of your father’s throne and have a truly Loki birthday. ;-)

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I would have dinner with one or two couples who were close friends.

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Listen, kid, do whatever YOU want to do. 51 really is a low or no key birthday. Like to celebrate? Celebrate. Sleep? Sleep. Eat chocolate? Do it. Play golf? Well, that’s something that may be hard to do in winter, what with rain, snow, unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, in which case, play golf! Sing happy birthday to yourself or with friends. It’s YOUR birthday. Have a happy one.

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@Boogabooga1 @ANef_is_Enuf @Sunny2 Thank you, as well as the other well wishers.

@JilltheTooth Tell occasional random strangers it’s your birthday, people are cute when they react to that. Happiest of Days, HC, have some fun! If it get me free stuff, it seem well to tell, otherwise having to tell someone how old you are just reminds me I have one less than I did.

@janbb Have some close friends in for pizza and beer. As much as I tried, I never developed the test of alcohol. Come to think of it, I am not as great on pizza as I use to be.

@bkcunningham I may play golf, go to the casino, see a flick, eat at a buffett, go to Disney World or perhaps a combination of all of these things. I would LOVE to be able to go to the casino, maybe leave with a large b-day gift from the tables LOL.

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Casual dinner with friends or just the SO at home with a card, a single flower and a meal delivered to share over a movie, fireplace fire, hot buttered rum.

I’m not good at low key bday :(

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Go to my fav restaurant with my family, then home to watch a good flick…after we pick up some dessert to take home, of course. :0) Happy Birthday to you!

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HEY SORRY….. Happy Birthday! Hippo Birdie to ewe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Drive up to the local mountains for a picnic and some gentle hiking.

Drive out to the desert for some sightseeing, and then for dinner at either one of the casinos or other yummy restaurants in Palm Springs, spend the night at an inexpensive motel with a pool and a hot tub, have breakfast at a cute cafe and drive back home. Or if you’re in Palm Springs, drive out there early, have breakfast, then take the tram to the top of the mountain, frolic in the snow for a couple of hours, come back down and have dinner.

Go to the movies and then out for lunch or dinner.

Drive to one of the local casinos (within a half an hour drive) and have lunch at the buffet and maybe play a few penny slots.

Take a couple of friends to a fancy restaurant just for coffee and dessert.

Take a stroll on the beach and have a picnic. Pick up some picnic fixings at Whole Foods or some other place that has interesting take out.

Visit your local botanical garden, then have lunch at a tea room, where they serve those little sandwiches with the crusts cut off with a nice pot of tea and some delicious pastries.

Go to the zoo and have corn dogs and ice cream for lunch.

Take a nice scenic drive to one of your neighboring towns and have lunch in a little cafe to which you’ve never been. Visit a local museum or historic house/building if they have any.

If you live near the water, take one of those sightseeing trips around the harbor, most of them offer lunch.

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Take a day long train ride. Take a good book or a lap top if you have one so you can fluther along the way (telling us about the great scenery).

Whaever you do make sure it is something that will make you happy.
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!

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Nothing, I don’t celebrate them any more. Just drink a six-pack or something.

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@Hypocrisy_Central, Happy Birthday! What did you decide to do?

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Although, I would have loved to go to the casino, or to the beach in San Fran, but ended up stuffing ourselves to the gills. Then we watch some Alfred Hitchcock, then I fielded some calls and emails to assist some people in getting a loan. Then she <ahem> you know…...the beast…I could not get her away from me, good things she is not a screamer. ;-P

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See what dancing naked does to people, @Hypocrisy_Central? Fifty-one rocks! I’ve been told.! Happy birthday, Baby!!

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I prefer a low-key birthday. I grew tired of parties many years ago. I recently celebrated my 41st by going to a Chinese buffet with my husband and 3 kids. We then came back home and watched a movie. I had a very nice, relaxing time.

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Ooooh, Chinese buffet…I want that, now…

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