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What does to delegate mean ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) January 15th, 2012

” The most powerful people in this world are those who know how to delegate. ”

What does to delegate mean ?

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As a verb, to delegate means to assign a job or task or job function to a subordinate.

As a noun, a delegate is someone who represents a group of people to a governing body.

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To give to someone that reports to you, or works for you, the authority to carry out a task or project.

One can delegate authority, one cannot delegate responsibility.

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This question is a textbook example of delegation.

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Additionally, you can know how to delegate without being good at it. A “powerful person” is knowledgeable of the skill sets his employees/assistants/subordinates posess and delegates tasks based upon this knowledge.

But yes.. “to delegate” in its simplest definition is to get someone else to do a task rather than yourself.

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It’s not just getting others to do work; it’s about doing it in a way that the people you delegate to do it right. It’s about freeing yourself up to do the work it is most important for you to do. It’s about being a good manager. Good managers know how to put their people in a position to excel, and have the ability to trust them to do that work. Good managers know they should delegate as much as they possibly can and they do it. Bad managers are controlling and try to do everything themselves, believing that’s the only way it will get done right.

Delegating means being an excellent manager.

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I agree with @wundayatta that the powerful people know how to delegate well; effectively. They hire the best people for a particular job, and let them do their job. And, also, delegating assignments to people “less” skilled to free he person up for the higher level work. A secretary can answer calls, type up dictated letters, file paperwork, while the boss works on more complicated matters that require more knowledge. The very wealthy in hire powered jobs might hire someone to do all the gardening at their home, not because they are lazy, but because they pay that guy $30 an hour while the executive who owns the house is working a $500k deal.

Delegating helps use time and people more wisely and better economically.

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