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Do you find my relationship unrealistic?

Asked by Prettyjay28 (65points) January 16th, 2012 from iPhone

Do you find this unrealistic?18 year old couple who has been together for 7 years( have taken breaks to meet other people) and are financially stabled and are planning on getting married after marriage counseling. Are also going to college (one for buisness and the other for medical) people say that my relationship is a fairytale and only happens in movies
We have been in a relationship since we started 6th grade, I was 11 and he was 12

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Sounds good. After you both GRADUATE if all is going strong you have a very solid basis for a marriage.

Give yourselves the college time and be sure your relationship can weather that- it is a time of change and maturity for both of you. Remember the phrase:

“Love can wait”

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Very common.
Two people who have met their match, studying for a job in their preferred area, and that want to bind their love?
Very common.
And yes, there are movies being made of such couples.

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The only thing for me that is unrealistic“is when you say they have “been together” for 7 years and they are now 18. That would mean they have “been together” since they were 11 years old. That to me is unrealistic in my little world. What exactly does “been together” mean.

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I wanted to add a welcome to Fluther to you also @Prettyjay28.

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Actually, it’s typical…the whole ‘we were high school sweethearts’ (middle school sweethearts?) thing is common…people like what’s familiar…I agree with @Dog…if, after college, you’re still into each other, do get married.

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Sounds like your doing just fine, and your approaching things from such a mature perspective. I think you’ll be fine. But a good test is how do your and his parents feel about it all. If they are all gun ho then you have found the dream.

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Hi. I think this sort of thing is difficult to provide advice. It can be hard to know what you should do, especially at 18 years old. So, I suggest that you flip a coin to make your decision. If you get 10 heads in a row, then I say marry the guy. If not, then maybe you should take your time and wait to grow up a little more. Life has much to offer. No need to rush. Anyway, mostly just kidding. Try to follow your heart—but, not to be lead by fear or worries… but, to be lead by what you both really want.

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Don’t listen to the other people. I hate it when people throw out statistics and try to tell others that a relationship probably won’t last. Do what feels right for you. My husband and I met at the age of 20 and we’ll be celebrating our 20 year anniversary this April. If we had listened to our friends when we told them we were going to get married we wouldn’t be together now. We’re happy and they have all been in many failed relationships now. teehee

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No matter what other people may say, when destiny has placed you two in this position, I say stay with it and be soulmates for life. After all this time, only you two know what to expect from each other and your future ahead together.

Sounds like you both are on the right track and using your head for what you both want.

With this strict of conviction from both of you, I do not see how you can fail.

Keep the faith in each other and you will seek what you both are looking for.

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@Prettyjay28 I’ve known more than a few couples my age (mid-50s) that started out as you describe and are still together. For some it works well, and I hope it can for you, too.

Welcome to Fluther!

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Am I the only person who thinks it is odd to say an 11 and 12 year old are in a relationship? Sorry, @Prettyjay28, but I can’t imagine kids that young being in a relationship. I’m just not sure what that means exactly. You’ve been friends and known each other since you were that young?

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I’m not quite sure what you are asking, is this relationship realistic? By definition it’s real. Do you want our approval? Are you asking if your relationship will last? Is it that you want to know if it is a ‘proper’ relationship? Only you two can know these answers but if you have sorted out what you want and where you want to go, you will probably be ok.

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No, you’re good.

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