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Is there a way I can know who gave me lurve?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) May 20th, 2008
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Besides asking them, no.

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Not unless they’re ready to confess their lurve for you….

Is this going to be a daily feature?

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I have deja vu all over again.

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hey, i can’t search every question i want to ask. sheesh.

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Yes you can…

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I’m the leader of team “anti-search.” You are welcome to join the team. You must enjoy drinking beer and bowling to become one of us.

But there isn’t a way to see who gave you points. Imagine all the time you would spend analyzing data. Turn the brain off and go get drunk while you bowl.

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@johnpowell You mean like this?

Response moderated
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How exactly do you do that? I’m having zero luck.

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You can’t, JP. sndfreQ is mistakenly referring to part of a moderator’s view that allows us to check for artificial point inflation.

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Thanks.. Can I have my 30 minutes of clicking around back now?

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I wondered why I couldn’t do it!

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Sorry all; I mistakenly thought it was a system-wide feature.

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We still love you.

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Yes we do!

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Ain’t Lurve grand?!

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It sure is!
and this is not just brown-nosing in a hope you guys make the feature system-wide, honest!

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