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What did you do during the Great Fluther Blackout?

Asked by Michael_Huntington (15921points) January 18th, 2012

Here are some of the things I did
* Helped at a soup kitchen
* Went book shopping in Brooklyn
* Adopted an African child
* Also adopted a Kitten
* Went to the beach and gazed at the sunset with my SO
So what did you do? You can make it up. Hell, I made most of mine up.

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I had some milk.

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Let’s just say going through withdrawl is an eye opener.

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I lurked around from the iPhone. It was still working.

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Sudoku (Sudokos? Sudoki?)

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Mostly hung out here and here.

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I imagined everyone was like this guy

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@Michael_Huntington ; That guy defines everything that’s wrong with capitalism.

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I took a pencil and a bunch of A4 papers, wrote three questions on them and put them in the letter boxes of all fifty apartments in our building.
Untill now no answers yet, only two papers delivered back to me with GQ written on them.

During the day I had no problems, in the evening though I had the weird feeling that I couldn’t access, not only Fluther, but the whole internet.

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I also fought Nazis and stopped them from getting the Holy Grail in Turkey.

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And I woke him up.^

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I was in awe…

Truly in awe at the enormous number of sites that either closed completely or went black etc.

Then I felt truly PROUD. PROUD that we are NOT a generation of sheep content with what ever the government wants.

I was proud of Fluther
Proud of AppAdvice
Proud of GOOGLE
Proud of FIREFOX
And the list goes on and on and on….

Thank you Andrew, Ben and Lisa for your passion.

Thank you Ryan for the wake up call.

Somehow I feel more hopeful about the future overall because people are refusing to wear blinders and be sheep.

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Wrote and did work I should be focusing on when I am Fluthering at times.

Other than that, because my Internet provider has messed up my telecommunications, I am not really sure when it started and finished.

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Yes, in all seriousness, I was proud of this site for doing the black out. Thank you Bendrew, and Augustlan, and a huge thanks to @johnpowell for bringing awareness. I definitely contacted my senator and I hoped you guys did as well.

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I walked to Sen. Diane Feinstein’s office in San Francisco, because I couldn’t get through on the internet or by phone.

Security wouldn’t let me go up to her office, but connected me to the office by a special phone number. I asked them to let her know a constituent wanted her to withdraw her support and co-sponsorship for PIPA, that even a Republican like Marco Rubio knew it would be bad for the internet and bad for the economy in Silicon Valley.

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Went to school. The Fluther blackout was rather perfectly timed for those times I couldn’t use Fluther anyway.

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I emptied the dishwasher, emptied the drier and went to Costco.

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‘Mom’ed. Pretty typical day. Just no Internet exchange with living breathing adults.

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Sent silly emails to other jellies.

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I finally shampooed the carpet in the den. Something I have been putting off for a while. Glad to see the blackout is over.:-)

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Gently clawed at my monitor, sobbing…

Nah, I worked.

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I cried. I went to work and complained a lot.

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Went to work. A friend and I also tried to fix a computer, but we’re failing miserably. I hate computers. Goddammit all. Also played some games. Dungeon Hunter. We killed shit. Lots of shit. This would have happened even if Fluther hadn’t blacked out though.

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I went to school, finished the book I was reading, went on Facebook, and played Just Dance for a while.

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I was here. The mobile site was still working. Like @Judi, I lurked around.

It was like being in someone’s house when they weren’t home.

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Well, I wanted to beat the system… so I went on Lynx and found out I could still use Fluther on Lynx because Lynx does not support JavaScript. I answered at least one question on here while Fluther was blacked out. I also did other things online, tidied up around the house, ended up seeing a couple of friends, went to the library, spent time with one of my nephews, and slept. Of course there were other things thrown in there, but those things were especially important to me.

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I cleaned out my fridge. Wash dishes. Worked out. Walked the dog. Ranted on Facebook. Signed a petition against Sopa (again). Picked up the phone and talked to my mom. Played kakuro online. Cleaned the house. Made dinner. Cleaned out my computer of junk. Watched some tv. Listened to some music on the radio. And now I am on Fluther.

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Thought it was a good idea, actually. Not just fluther, but of other websites too…maybe we should have internet blackouts every month…not ‘cause of censorship, but for perspective.

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Wept controllably. Then went to work.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I do have days like that already. Its called, I’m to busy with my real life days.
But it would be nice for some people to take a breather. Than maybe more people will go out.

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Drove 480 miles
Got an appointments for our new puppies at vet.
Ordered heart worm medication for older dog.
Contacted some friend about a Super B**L Party
Bought supplies for homemade beer.
Went to a meeting/dinner for a local fraternal order.
Went in through “backdoor” to Fluther.

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Went back here and discovered there are a lot of more interesting questions going on. Hmmmmm.

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@wundayatta , that’s like cheating with your first wife!

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@wundayatta Dude, under the potato tree! I still denno what that means, but it seemed fitting at the mo. :D

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@wundayatta Define interesting.

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@SpatzieLover Excellent question. The thing is that they don’t moderate their questions there, and as a result, some fresher questions occur. They are, it is true, barely readable in some cases, and a rorschach test in others, but some stuff comes through there that we don’t get because the questions keep getting pushed back to moderation until the moderators can understand them. I think at that point, most of the moderated questions have any new angles squished out of them. There is a trade-off between readability and innovation. Alas.

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@wundayatta, I still see rubbish over there.
However, as always, I find your explanation of it immensely captivating. “Rorschach-ish” is what I see mostly when I’ve gone back to look. I find the grammar particularly amusing.

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lots of rubbish, I agree. Although we aren’t immune to rubbish, either. I’m not sure how much I can stand over there, but I never would have found out had it not been for the blackout.

@Judi I am still a bit stunned at this concept you brought up: cheating with my first wife. I wonder. Do you think the second one might get jealous? But wait! I didn’t marry anyone! I am a faithless mongrel when it comes to Q&A. I am a dog! And proud of it!

Did I mention my loyalty can be bought? I do want to be sure that everyone knows I can sell out with the best of ‘em! Not that I’m cheap. But I do have a price. ;-)

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@wundy, If I rub your belly daily will you stay put? ;)

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Ewww! @SpatzieLover You have no idea what you are offering to do! I think you’re going to want the rash taken care of first. I’m allergic to something, and it really is not at all pretty! Sorry. TMI.

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the TMI is what I <3 most about you wundy! ;-)

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I emailed with a bunch of jellies about how I was having Fluther withdrawal. I begged them to ask me questions.

I got irate when I learned from Facebook that some people could still get to Fluther through the iphone app.

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I braved the Himalayan deserts, saving orphans like I do every other Wednesday. Then I found Obama inside of a small hut, feeding Bono. I thought that was pretty cool…
After that I decided to rob a bank, streak across town, and have sex in someones hot tub.
But in all seriousness, I went to sleep. Woke up. Went to school. By the time I got home it was back on.

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Having had some recent practice, I weathered it with no difficulty. Or at least not very much. Ok, some.

I also had two deadlines to meet, a lunch date with friends, a meeting to lead, and five errands to run. Those did help to pass the time.

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~I read a previously copy and pasted Wikipedia article on Types of Alloys during the blackout. Dreamed about buying ornamental ingots of precious metals.
Actually I listened to the radio, ate, talked to family, went to sleep and checked to see how much of the internet went down.

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I signed a petition and sent a form letter to my senator. Maybe it will make a difference.

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If you aren’t sure if your elected officials in Congress are for or against the bills, here’s a really good source to keep you informed:

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I enjoyed my vacation. :D

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Talked to jellies on Facebook. lol.

I missed you guys.

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I slept, it’s the only thing that would make me forget Fluther was temporarily non-existent. Lol, okay, I’m not that obsessed.

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I actually worked!

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Surfed the internet and read some interesting articles in place of the usual sunrise fluthering.
Talked to a friend on the phone for about an hour, went grocery shopping to prepare for a stormy few days and came home to make a big pot of veggie & turkey sausage soup and corn muffins. Was pleasantly surprised to find fluther up again around 6 p.m. PST. I thought it was going to be a 24 hour thing, not 12. :-)

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What I normally do…porn! And oh yeah, I waterboarded K Street lobbyists who are working for those big anti-internet freedom corporations. Lol.

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I was at work through the duration of most of the blackout.

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Fluthered on the iphone… sorry

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The usual housework and preparing for my daughter’s 8th birthday, which is today. I’ll be honest, it was nice for me to not be able to lurk or log in. I’m trying to stay off the net (Fluther) as much as possible.It’s a New Year’s resolution of mine. I’ve only logged in twice so far this year. I lurve this place, but I’ve gained 20lbs over the past 3 years because I spend time here instead of exercising and spending time being active outdoors (the activities I did before I found this place).

I’m off to blow up some balloons now. =)

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Have fun, @jonsblond. Happy birthday to your daughter!

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Lived a little. :) (I enjoyed the break away from Fluther)

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I slept, read, played on my Fire tablet, tormented my children, beat my dog with a baseball bat a few times even though she didn’t deserve it, kicked a few stray cats, evicted six widows, ate a few orphans Hansel and Gretel style, shined up my wedding ring, ummm… and the dishes and laundry. Don’t tell anyone I did the laundry.

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@WillWorkForChocolate You sick monster!

The dishes. I can’t believe it.

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I know. <hangs head in shame>

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