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How would you get buddies who talk too loud when drunk to lower their voices so as not to disturb the landlord upstairs?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25284points) January 18th, 2012

I’ve tried telling them maybe twice or thrice every hour but after heeding me for a few seconds, they just go back to talking as loud as before. I’m thinking they are too drunk to know and control themselves? If that’s the case, how can I tone down the noise level which really embarrasses me quite a bit?

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Serve O’Douls?

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Stuff socks in their mouths and hold them in with duct tape.

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duct tape…will save on alcohol bill too

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i will tell them to pipe down or no more partying in your abode.

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Ask them if they have next months rent… they will be staying quiet to hide from every sound.

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Can this actually be done? Drunk people are loud. I don’t even think they realize it.

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1. Turn any music on right down so they have to be quieter if they want to listen to a tune.
2. Put a film or something on if things get too loud, no one will remember it anyway, slowly conversation will fall to watching tv.
3. Get a decibel meter or just a decibel meter app and show them how loud they are such as this
4. Spike all their drinks with valium and the conversation will just rumble along sleepily. Party elsewhere?

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It can’t be done. You’ll have to speak to them when they are sober.

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Pay for a taxi cab to send them home.

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Have you tried addressing it with them when they are sober? Has your landlord complained, or are you just concerned?

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Keep emphasizing the need to “use our inside voices.” :)

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” can I tone down the noise level…”

Hold your little gatherings at one of their homes.

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I have managed or owned apartments for the last 30 years. I will give you the advice I give everyone when getting their first apartment. “If you want to party, party at someone else’s apartment, or better yet find a house.”
I usually tell them, “You are building a rental reference that can positively or negatively effect your ability to rent in the future. Go screw up someone else’s rental reference, not yours.”

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Hang out with a better class of friends? Don’t let them drink at your place?

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Cut off the supply of alcohol. They’ll either leave and go some other place where they can still drink and get rowdy, or they’ll stop drinking and (eventually) sober up. I’m guessing that if they’re the type who frequently drinks to get drunk and rowdy, they’ll leave and be someone else’s problem.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I haven’t addressed it personally with them while sober yet. They really are nice guys and fun to be with drunk or not drunk, except for the loud voices. My girlfriend already talked to their girlfriends about it but my feeling is, when they’re drunk, they have no control.

My landlord has not complained but I’m quite sure the family up there minds it. We don’t drink often, maybe once every two months during winter. In summer it’s not too much of an issue for me since we drink outside.

THANKS everyone for your posts! I’m glad I haven’t purchased any gun yet to put it on display while drinking. @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard’s Mosin-Nagant is really beginning to look veeery nice. LOL.

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Only drink at bars.

Our home doesn’t provide alcohol unless we’re having a party. When we lived in an apartment, there was none available.

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Don’t be so sure it’s not an issue when you drink outside. Our back neighbor has these really annoying gatherings that last until two in the morning. It doesn’t matter if they are outside or upstairs in the sunroom—their voices are LOUD. We haven’t called the cops yet, but there has been much gnashing of teeth. Hopefully they will move out soon, when their program is done (they are probably students).

I’m afraid you have to just keep on playing nanny. Remind them every ten minutes to pipe down or they will be hosting you on their couches when you get kicked out.

If they were children, I would make a game of it. Have a competition to see who can talk the quietest. It worked with my kids and saved my sanity. I don’t know how parents of kids who scream at the top of their lungs can stand it. But I doubt this will work with young men, recently of drinking age.

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Have you tried a firm, “shut the fuck up assholes” in their direction? You may need to throw this a couple of times but if a third time is needed just call them a cab and show them the door.

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Give each a diving helmet with a straw. They can still drink their beer, but thier voices would be self-contained in the diving helment.

Expensive? Probably.

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Drink somewhere else?

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I only lived in an apartment for a short time before buying a house, but I issued each guest a volume card. I would punch their card each time I had to remind them to pipe down, Three strikes and they were out! A couple of parties like that and my loud friends either learned to pipe down, or stopped coming to parties at my place. (in some cases, they were beer leeches anyway)

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This probably won’t work for you, but I waited until they all passed out then loaded my 10 ga double barrel with blanks and let them have both barrels.

This only works with the landlord’s permission and knowing the cops well enough that they are on the other side of town when you let loose.

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