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What is wrong with me? Am I crazy to feel this way? (details inside)

Asked by Aster (20007points) January 19th, 2012

Each week I almost dread going grocery shopping. i’m not agoraphobic but I love staying home with Facebook, Fluther and our two dogs. And it’s so quiet and pretty here. When I just think of being through with the shopping, the cupboards full and the fridge all nicely stocked I have this warm, calm almost blissful feeling. I think it’s insane. Just getting ready to go is such a hassle.
Am I weird, neurotic or what?

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Have you thought about having your groceies delivered?

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I hate grocery shopping.

We tend to make a date out of it. We go to a nice place to eat first, then go on our merry errand way. It makes it much more pleasurable.

I’ve had Peapod deliveries from time to time, but they never have everything I need. ;) So no matter what I must go out.

Maybe if you think of a reward for yourself that you could indulge in just prior to or just after getting the groceries you’d be more inclined to want to venture out, @Aster?

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I put on headphones when I grocery alone and sometimes will grocery at odd hours. I don’t think you are crazy. In fact I think it is quite awesome to hear how much you like being in your nest, it is your nest, you should never feel crazy for wanting to be there.

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Hahaha! Oh, @Aster , you should see how I cook some days so I won’t have to leave the house! I know this song too well… Other days I’m fine with it, but I usually try to do all the errands at once so I can just hunker down in my quiet little house. Of course, in winter here, that’s not so unusual, it’s just so damned cold out there!

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What makes you think you are not agoraphobic?
I haven’t left my house in 19 days, and not only have I not even noticed… I’m pretty content. :X

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Hey, home bodies are just that way. Not wanting to leave your warm and cozy domain. Its natural. My wife is the same way.

My daughter is the food locker investigator. Each time she visits, she still opens all the doors and checks out the food supply. This, she has done since she was 8 years old.

You are not alone. It’s just part of life in some people, but not me.

I am a go getter and get the job done. jp

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@marinelife No one delivers !
@ANef_is_Enuf I thought I wasn’t agoraphobic because I can leave the house! I get ready and drive off and I’m ok.
@judochop Thanks; very sweet.
@JilltheTooth Well, you do sound like me. I feel much better.
@john65pennington Thanks, John. Nice answer.
@SpatzieLover My reward is getting home w/the goods! lol

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No, you’re not crazy. Just flying over the cuckoo’s grocery nest. : )

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I’m the same way, no, you are not crazy.
By the time most women reach 50 something or above we are so “been there, done that” to the 10th power.
I am in-joying exactly what you are thinking of right now. Went shopping yesterday and am blissfully happy on this cold morning with a stocked fridge and pantry and NOTHING to do, but wait for the big storms coming today through the weekend.

I love my house and solitude even though I am an extrovert by nature. It’s called ” mellowing out” in mid-life.
I don’t want to work full time anymore, I don’t want to listen to relationship dramas with friends, I don’t want to be FORCED to do anything I don’t want to do, and, I won’t. lol
You’ve EARNED your eccentricities, enjoy it!

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@Aster yep, then you are probably right. Just thought it was a good thing to ask, just in case. :)

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@Coloma interesting answer! Know what I listen to when with friends?
Younger ones: babies, shoes and purses, weight issues, jewelry, gossip.
Friends my age: complaints regarding husbands and sicknesses .
Now that I’ve typed that it’s becoming clearer to me. And to sit there in a house you love waiting for big storms sounds fantastic. Mellowing out. Hmmm….

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Soup’s on at my house. Going to empty the dog, then hunker down for the rest of the day. This is a good thing.

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Hah! Same here, made a big pot of smoked turkey sausage and veggie soup and cornbread muffins, have a netflix flick to watch, chores done, life is good. Lets have a potluck soup party. :-)

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A potluck soup party sounds incredible , esp with a great bottle of wine!
But I hate wine. LOL

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As I sit here at work (albeit in my own office, on Fluther, with a cup of coffee and two huge picture windows) I envy you guys that are home, soup’s on and cozy.

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I walk round to my local supermarket almost every day for the basics, bread, milk, bananas etc as it is conveniently close and I quite enjoy it. I can get pretty much everything I need there.
PS I thought for a moment your two dogs were named Facebook and Fluther!

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I have never been able to walk a few steps to a grocery store and I think I’d love it. If there is a lot of traffic noise I might feel differently since you can hear a pin drop where we live.

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I dont get out much. and i love the peace.
I get schwans. and dont shop much.
My pup makes me happy.

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I know the feeling of house haven bliss. Yes, I’d rather be in than out shopping generally, not grocery shopping( I quite like that) but shopping for other stuff. I hate busy streets and crowds. I’d choose the peace, warmth and quiet of home any day!

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