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Why do I dream about people I haven't seen in years?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) May 20th, 2008

I’m taking about people I haven’t even thought about in years. How do they get in my dreams? Random people from when I was young…..old boyfriends I haven’t thought about in years….where do they come from? It’s bizarre.

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It could be your subconscious. We think about all kinds of things that we don’t think we think about. Weird sentence. I hope you understand it.

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Well, if you believe some of the work on dream interpretation, every person in one’s dreams is an aspect of the dreamer. Maybe it is not who they are, but what they are doing or saying in your dreams that is the message.

BTW, I have the same experience. Maybe the stranger question, however, is who are the strangers in our dreams?

Pleasant dreams!

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Marina: Good point about the strangers in our dreams, or the people who have bodies but no faces. Maybe they are people of our future? People we want to meet? People we wish we knew? Interesting..

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Interesting question. I’m not sure it can be answered though. Its kinda like asking “how come I can fly or walk on the celing in my dreams” or something like that.

A little of topic but when I think of questions that can’t be answered I always think of the famous “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop”. My answer to your question is the same as the answer to that one: The world may never know.

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@Randy Deep. I mean the center of the tootsie pop, of course. ;)

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I had one of these dreams two days ago!!!!

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Because you’re thinking of something that those people represent to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean your thinking of them, just what they mean in your mind.

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Do you miss them?

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My dream was about this guy I had a crush on when we were in 5th grade (I’ll be in 9th grade soon and I havent seen him since fifth grade. Well in my dream I was in some school in the jungle and I walked in this class room and a teacher ask me what I was thinking about at that exact moment and I said the home coming dance and the teacher said oh your going with Preston and all of a sudden there her was but in my dream his face was blurry. Now I think about it he wasn’t cute at all but I think I dreamed it because I am excited about the homecomming dance next year and I was looking through yearbooks from fifth grade and saw that picture but idk why him I looked why tons of pictures…...

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Maybe there’s a crush you’re hoping will develop in to something more at this upcoming homecoming dance?
You associate the feeling of having a crush with this kid from 5th grade…..and you’re linking it to a school dance.
– just a thought.

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well I havent seen him in four years and people I know that know him have told me he’s a per now and a homo its probally true he was always freaky I just havent thought abut him in forever I also had lots of crushes

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That may be and I don’t think your current crush is on him. It’s just when you think of him, you think of having a crush. Maybe you have a crush now (on someone else) but if you were to put a physical shape on the feeling of having a crush, it’s that guy from before…

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no because when I saw the picture I didn’t think of having a crush when I saw that pic ithink it was just weird

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OK. Maybe I’m not explaining this correctly. Or I might be way off with my guess. What I mean is: when you explained this guy from years ago, the first thing you said was it was someone you used to have a crush on. That’s clearly something you associate with him – even though you don’t have that crush any more. And in your subconscious, you might use him as a symbolism for crushes in general.

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pending issues 4 sure

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I must be the odd one out…I’m usually being attacked by mathematical forumulae. God knows how many times I’ve killed the difference quotient, who just happened to look a lot like Rambo, with the bandana and M60. I’ve also single-handedly won the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Me and my M249 with unlimited ammo.

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I dreamed about someone I knew when I was sixteen. I worked with him at McDonalds for a month. When I woke up, it took me a while to even remember his name, very weird. And I didn’t ever have a crush on him.

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For 20 years i have been dreaming at least once or twice every couple of months about this guy a used to have a crush on and who i have not seen in about that same time. 20 years. I don’t dream about my ex-husband of 5 years or my last partner of 7 years. But I do dream about this guy who I never lived with. Who did not care about me very much. Who I was deeply in lust with about 20 years ago. What do you think about this?

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*I used to have a crush on, i meant

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Well, they say that reflecting on people you don’t know… or haven’t seen in a while reflect some part of you. But idk if this is true, but one thing I do know is that this analogy didn’t go along with what I dreamt of. I dreamt of one of my friends from primary school… and I saw them older with kids… I saw him happy and healthy with a significant other. He gave me a hug… and for some reason I started balling and crying my eyes out…. and he… he just smiled. It wasn’t in a weird or creepy way. Idk how to explain it. I really don’t think this helped anyone, but I’m just looking for some answers too lol

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