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So you get offered a golden ticket to do with what you want..........what would you do?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2720points) August 10th, 2011

It could be anything from changing your appearance, to up-sticks and moving to another country. Or doing something crazy like a trip to the moon, opening a circus etc etc.

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Create more golden tickets.

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Ha ha ha…...nice one

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Have my dream job, live up in Northern, Michigan (on 7.5 acres, with a barn, silo and an old farm house all fixed up), and have a family with my g/f.

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Cure a couple bad ass diseases to start.

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Mating with a cat and having viable chimera offspring.

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Money, lots, then I could donate to charities for poverty, or buy a trip to the moon and still have extra left over.

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I’d spend a year free from the whole making a living thing to think about what I want to do with my golden ticket.

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Unselfish: what @Cruiser said.
Selfish: know what I know (and who I know) now and be back in kindergarten. I bet no one else will say this one since it was “so hard” to be that age. Not for ME it wasn’t.

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A ten year trip around the world, fully financed of course for me & another….. :-/

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I’d use the ticket to get just enough money for an awesome month long vacation with my kids, pay off my debts, move to a new place, set up a scholarship fund, and have enough to donate to certain programs I want to support.

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Get a working time machine and get all the stories straight at the sources.

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Having more useful skills and abilities… and knowing what I want out of life.

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The golden ticket would allow my boyfriend and I to up-sticks and move away to either the States or the Scottish Highlands.

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@Cruiser I agree… I would start with my illness first though. Selfish, I know, but I am tired of feeling like crap.

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