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The foundation I work for is looking for new clients. Can you think of potentials? [Details inside].

Asked by rebbel (24817points) January 21st, 2012

We are a foundation that works solely with volunteers, and the goal is to give people that are unfit for work, unemployed and people with psychiatric problems, a daytime activity, in the meantime making quality furniture for a reasonable price.
We produce wooden furniture, mainly for primary schools and Kindergartens.
Last week I have send mailings (per post) to dozens of primary schools, but I am sure that there must be other institutions that we can send brochures to that we just overlook.
Do you have an idea as to who we can mail our flyer to?
Thanks in advance!

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Day care centers, pediatric centers, places like that?

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Libraries and children’s hospitals.

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@JilltheTooth Thanks, and good that you asked me that, Jill, because I could have made it more clear that we make furnitures like cabinets, benches, tables (big ones, where more children can sit at), cupboards, etc. and wooden toys, like rocking horses, – swans, garages, etc.
So yes, good call—on the daycare and pediatric centers!
Great call too, @Tropical_Willie, thanks!

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-Sunday Schools
-Community Centers
-Day Care Associations (so that even in-home day care centers could purchase. My friend runs an in-home day care and gets large grants to buy wooden toys and furniture.)
-Children’s Museums

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You should send the brochures to the school district offices.

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Homeless shelters or centers for families who are victims of domestic violence?

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Homeschool groups/co-ops

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Are you already supplying or have you researched the high-end children’s mail-order catalogs? There are a few, like Pottery Barn Kids, Melissa and Doug, Heirloom Toys that sell wooden toys and furniture for the home markets. Someone might be interested in the difference your foundation makes while making children’s objects.

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A big Thank you to all of you!
I will list your suggestions and hand them to our cooardinator.
Pretty sure there are some potential clients here!

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