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If you came across this in a supermarket, what would you think?

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What would I think? Smile, you’re on candid camera.

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I wouldn’t buy into that. (Hopefully) anyone who knows how sausage is made can quickly point out that it’s fake.

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@bkcunningham I would too! But did you notice this man never told those poor people that it was all a joke lol

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@Michael_Huntington Exactly what I was wondering about these people, funny though LOL :)

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Their reactions were funny and cute. Hopefully the person who made the video just edited out the portion where they were told what was going on with the oinker in the grinder.

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Hilarious! But I’d know it was fake. The meat would be all bloody coming out if that’s really what was happening…

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@bkcunningham Good point! You know,I never thought of that lol :)

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@HungryGuy OMG lol,,,a little furry too no?

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@ArabianKnightress – Yeah! And all the disgusting bits and ground up bones, too….

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@HungryGuy YUCK! I guess the people were in too much of a shock to think logically..

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@ArabianKnightress – Good point! You’re right, the peeps were probably in too much shock to realize that something’s not quite right…

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I guess in other countries that live animals are permitted in grocery stores.

This, of course, is illegal in America, except for seeing eye dogs.

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I would think ,this has to be candid camera,sure did like the look on those peoples faces though.

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@john65pennington – What isn’t illegal in America????

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Oh those crazy Brazilians… :P

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I’m thinking Bob Saget would be proud? Also that video is worse than any Street Fighter ending I’ve ever seen. Of course, now that I saw the video, I’d be ready what to expect. But if I wasn’t, I’d be expecting a huge fight on Fluther, and me yelling out, WHY THE FUCK ARE PIGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LOBSTERS lol.

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