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Please think about your most significant accomplishment. Now, could you tell me all about it?

Asked by EverRose11 (1026points) January 22nd, 2012

this simple question is so powerful, try it out on yourself. What accomplishment would you select?

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I had to write an essay on a similiar topic the other day and had to make one up cause I pretty much fail at everything. Sigh. I do kinda think trying to conquer my social anxiety by going to a full class once was a small one but still that didn’t make much of a difference.

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My most significant accomplishment was divorcing my ex husband and taking my life back 9 years ago. I have since lived in a near constant state of joy. lol

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Why yes. I can’t tell you all about it. That’s a novel. But I was able to stop hating myself so much that I wanted to die. Shoot, girl! There are even some days when I like myself a little! Woohoo! Flying high! Not today, of course. But on some days.

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Probably all the fiction that I’ve written, and my online kink-club game.

The links are in my profile because (1) self-promotional links in answers are against the Fluther guidelines, and (2) excessive links to external sites are harmful to Fluther’s Google rating.

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Getting really good results for my exams after missing 3 months of school. I wasn’t expecting it at all, and my parents had given up on me.

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I’m still married. Nuf said.

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Acknowledging, battlling and conquering depression.

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Raised my kid well.

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Nothing I do is significant.

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When my ex husband and I had our jewelry design/fabrication business. We started out in college by doing mostly repairs and re designs for family, then friends and co workers. From there, friends of friends would commission and we didn’t have to have a retail setup or do advertising.

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@King_Pariah Except when you cut off my hair. That is bloody significant.

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@MilkyWay to you, not to me, and I haven’t done that so stop fretting! :P

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I made a 4 minute animation. It’s qualified for imdb, though it hasn’t officially premiered yet.

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@fundevogel Great! Hope you officially hear something soon.

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My college awarded me a full scholarship without making me go through all the motions because an administrator got her hands on one of my short stories and she was so impressed by my writing that she petitioned for me to get a full scholarship, since my college puts a lot of emphasis on writing skills. Since then, I’ve been on the dean’s list every semester and I’ve won a ton of academic awards, which isn’t very common because my college is notoriously difficult and rigorous.

Oh, and I hardly even try, too. ;-p

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I was valedictorian of my high school class, while fighting a disease that occasionally caused me to miss months of school at a time. Looks good on paper, but I’m not really proud of it because it just emphasizes how fucked my priorities were back in high school – I placed more weight on my performance in school than on my health.

I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’m back at college after going through a grueling year of surgeries though.

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Not giving up.

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Bringing all my men back alive while in Vietnam. I am still quite proud of that.

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@CaptainHarley , I’d give you 100 GAs for that if I could.

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I thought about my children. They’re my most significant accomplishment. They’re amazing beings and I’m proud to be their parents. I have many other accomplishments but being a mother is quite meaningful to me.

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{ big smile ] Thank you! : ))

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Being a successful parent. The odds were against us by having our first two children at a young age and raising them with very little money. Our sons are now in college and college bound, top in their class and very kind young men. Our little girl is following in their footsteps. I can’t think of any other accomplishment that would mean more to me.

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I used to know a girl who always bested me at everything. She got higher grades and I was second place. Well after exams were over and the results came back, I was the only one who made a 100% and I pointed at her and yelled “I beat her!” I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. It felt so good to beat her after months of hard work!

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