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What would be the difference if I pay my Netflix monthly fee with Paypal instead of my Visa debit card directly?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25919points) January 22nd, 2012

Netflix has been charging my fees automatically from my Visa debit card for years and now I see that I could choose to pay via Paypal if I want to. What is the difference exactly? And is there an option that would either cost me more or save me money? Thanks. : )

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One thing I learned. If you use your Visa/Debit and the funds aren’t available then the charge will just be declined (unless you have overdraft protection) but with PayPal, they will keep trying to make the charge go through and will assign NSF fees in addition to any your bank does.

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I have used both periodically through the years that I have had Netflix, I see very little to no difference between using one or the other.

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I see no difference.

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Is there a way not to incur fees at all? Would you have to pay by check? Are the fees different paypal vs. debit card? @Neizvestnaya‘s answer makes me wonder if the fees are only incurred if the funds are not available? If thatis the case maybe a credit card would have no fees? Just throwing ideas out, I don’t have netflix, and I don’t us a debit card, and I have never used paypal, so I am woefully uninformed on the topic, but I am someone who never pays fees on my money, with an exception of very few instances where money had to be wired in an emergency. So, I am always interested in where fees are happening and how to avoid them.

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@JLeslie: There is no difference in the cost of Netflix based on how it’s paid.

The fees I mentioned are if PayPal tries to collect from the checking account connected to the Debit/Visa card and there isn’t enough money. PayPal will charge it’s own NSF fee for each time they try to run the charge through. The person’s bank may also charge NSF fees for each time PayPal tries to run the charge through. This would mean double NSF fees.

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@Neizvestnaya So as long as there is enough money there aren’t any fees if I understand correctly. Well, it kind of makes sense, it’s like bouncing a chack.

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