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I have cataract surgery at 11:20 today. Will you wish me well?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) January 23rd, 2012

Just letting everyone know I’ll be away for a short time. Hopefully back and with great vision in my left eye soon. Right now, I’m legally blind in the left eye.

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You will love it. It is a very minor procedure, but I will be thinking of you.

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Goodluck with the surgery, I’m sure it will be fine. Enjoy your better vision!

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Good luck, @ETpro, and be well!

“In the kingdom of blind men, the one-eyed is king”
Imagine you, in a few days, with two eyes!!

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@ET Good luck I’ll say a prayer for you.

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I have had it and its not bad. It has two points, one good, the other bad.

Good Point, I can now see the targets at the gun range.

Bad Point, God, I did not realize how many wrinkles I have in my face!!

You will see white space in the effected eye for a while, but its worth it.

Don’t be afraid, just think about your children’s love and it will be okay.

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I hope it all goes well, @ETpro. It will be nice to see more clearly.

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Good Luck with the surgery @ETpro and I wish your vision becomes better :D

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Good luck to you!

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eye wish you luck.

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Wonderful! I haven’t heard of anyone who wasn’t glad they had it done. including me. Good luck.

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Good juju inbound.

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@Keep_on_running I think you meant, N-EYES lolololol

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Good luck, @ETpro! I hope all goes well!

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May you have a competent and sober butcher surgeon

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Prayers andishes your way. See you clearly soon!

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Good luck with this. I’m sure it will turn out just fine. :) ’‘hugs!’’

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Sendi\g you positive vibes Mr @ETpro!

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Good luck, ‘eye’ hope all goes well. Prayers…..

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I wish you well ETpro!!!

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Good luck, @ETpro, and be well!

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Good luck @ETpro. Will you get to smoke marijuana after the surgery?

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I cant wait til you see!

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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Positive Healing Thoughts}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Best wishes on speedy results @ETpro….When one of my aunts had it done, she couldn’t believe how well she could see after it!

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Oops, I’m late… but, good luck! :) Enjoy your new vision!

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Best wishes. Hope you will be back soon.

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Thinking of you – how exciting!

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Here’s me giving you a goodluck wink ol chap…along with these other better looking winkers. : )

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hope all went well!

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I wish you all the very best, and hope you come back as fit as a fiddle soon :)

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By the time you read these well wishes, you’ll do so with clearer vision! Welcome to the lens-replacement club! Hope you’re feeling great and seeing with the eyes of a young man.

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Ahh, I missed the time period in which “good luck” is actually applicable, but I very much hope that things went well and you’ll be back fluthering with us soon!

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I’m late, but sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. My father in law had both his eyes done, and was able to ditch his glasses altogether. He’s so happy with the outcome!

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* * * G * E * T * * W * E * L * L * * S * O * O * N * * *

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Those letters are just in case it went wrong, @YARNLADY? ~

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@rebbel Oh, no – the bold just comes in because of the **** stars.

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Good Luck and Heal Fast…

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It’s done, I survived, and i now need to heal. It feels like I have an eye full of sand and the left eye keeps pouring tears. I get it checked tomorrow at 1:15 PM. They warned it would feel scratchy, but this is pretty darn hard to take. But the good news is, through the tears, I can see. My left eye works. I’m seeing some of the flashing white artifacts they warned about, but that’s already going away. I think once the inflammation goes down, it’s going to be absolutely great. I had been legally blind in the left eye, so it’s taking my brain a bit of relearning to process the left eye signal. The doc warned that with te heavy cataract I had, that would be likely. My vision should continue to improve for the next few weeks.

Normally, I’d thank each of you individually, but the tearing even makes it tough to see right now in the right eye. I did read each and every post. So just know I love you all and thank you all for your info, your good wishes and even your prayers. As an agnostic and not a dedicated atheist, I don’t mind hedging my bets. :-)

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Awrighht!!! : )

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Keep us posted, @ETpro!

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@ETpro Thanks enough. They been slicing on your eyes.Take it easy for a bit. :)

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Gute Besserung @ETpro !

My doctor told me that most likely I’ll need it too in about 15 years.

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@ETpro Fuck yeah! Glad it all went according to plan. :) And yeah, side effects, those were bound to happen…just get some rest for a bit. :)

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@augustlan, @Adirondackwannabe, @Symbeline Thanks, I;m taking it easy. But my love of Fluther just won;t let me tear myself away from here.

@mattbrowne Hang in there. I had a very large cataract in the left eye, so it made for a fair amout of mechanical damage breaking it up and removing it. It hurt like an eye full of sand the night of the operation after the local anesthesia wore off. Feels better today, but now it is swelling.l The cision, while FAR better than before, of pretty blurry. That will go away over the next few days as the eye heals and the swelling goes down. But already the difference in brightness and color contrast in the left eye compared to the right eye with a moderate blockage is AMAZING. I am finally seeing the full color of things again.

Take heart. In 15 years, there will probably be a stem-cell cure allowing regneeration of a healthy lens that is your own, not a piece of glass.

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Get well soon @ETpro ! Yes, progress in medicine is amazing.

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@mattbrowne Thanks for the good wishes. The inflammation is slowly going down now, and that’s letting me see a little more clearly, a little less blurred, every day.

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