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A chips (crisps) manufacturer in the Netherlands is organising a competition to develop a new kind of the yummy potato snack. Got ideas?

Asked by rebbel (33068points) January 23rd, 2012

Link (which is in Dutch, so don’t bother :-)
The prize is 25.000 Euro and 1% of the turnover.
If I win I will donate a chunk of that to Fluther my girlfriend Fluther! Promised!
I thought steak flavored chips could be a delicious idea.
How about you?!

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Fish n Chips flavour?
Spaghetti bolognaise?

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Ooh, I’d like a version that tastes like a good Thai Massaman curry. That should actually be pretty easy to pull off; the flavors would be easy to introduce in the form of a powdered coating:

roasted peanut
bay laurel
star anise
palm sugar

and potato is the other standard ingredient, but the chip would provide that.

For what it’s worth, CNN rated Massaman curry the world’s most delicious food.

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Something along the lines of kettle corn—sweet and savory!

@thorninmud No doubt it’s delicious, but how in the world would you even begin to narrow down the criteria for that?!

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Something I have always loved, when eating out is this:

Half a small baked potatoe with cheese and garlic salt on it.

If they could make this same potatoe in a smaller size with the same great taste, they would not be able to make enough for the public.

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The website can easily be translated right on the page by Google Chrome.
Ahhhh, first world problems.

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Is Spring Roll flavoured chips pushing it? lol

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Steak flavored chips exist – Herr’s Kansas City Prime Steak flavor

@john65pennington Dan Quayle, is that you?

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How about bacon-flavored potato chips?

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I LOVE @thorninmud‘s Massaman Curry idea! It would be the only chips I would buy!

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Frozen souffled potatoes. It’s a puffed up french fry. It requires deep fat of two different temperatures and exactly cut rectangles of potato. The result is a french fry that is puffed and hollow. I have tried it several times, but have never gotten more than a few that puffed. I think a machine regulated process would work better than using a ruler and one deep fryer and one shallow fryer. Flash freezing the potatoes would make them available to anyone who could afford them. Julia Child’s first cook book has the recipe.

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Lemon grass and chili (Thai)

Chipotle and sourcream (Mexican)

Five Spice (Chinese)

Sundried Tomato (Italian)

Roasted Mushroom (American/Asian?) Especially shiitake mushroom Yummy!

Caprese (Italian) with the flavors of tomato and basil and mozzarella.

Roasted vegetable (garlic, butternut squash, tomato, caramelized onion or other combo)

Potato Leek (Irish/American)

Feta/Lentil (Middle Eastern)

Lime/Avocoado (Mexican)

Rosemary/Pinenut (American)

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Lasagne flavour would be my favourite but the canny flavour for the competition would be a traditional dutch dish….Hachée?

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