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Do Grey hairs grow faster than normal hair?

Asked by majorrich (14634points) January 24th, 2012

I started getting grey hairs following Chemotherapy and It appears they are an invasive species that grows faster than my old brown hairs.
is it just my perception, or are the grey ones growing out faster? Does it take more time to make colored hair?

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“Gray hair actually grows no faster or slower than pigmented hair does. However, when the hair turns gray it can often undergo more changes than merely color, many times changing in texture, porosity and wave pattern.”

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I don’t think my hair grows any faster now that I am completely gray. It doesn’t seem to hold color as long as it used to though.

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HAhaha I got some grey hair and though I know it does not grow faster than our brown or blond hairs , too me it sure seems they grow faster .

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My grays are a slightly different texture, and all my hair grew differently after chemo. I didn’t lose mine, it just gradually got a bit weirder.

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I don’t think it does, but what I find odd is all of a sudden I have full legnth grey hairs? I don’t see them growing in? Does the whole hair just suddenly turn grey? I would have thought my brown hair does not change color, but eventually certail follicles produce grey hairs? It’s weird.

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Not in my head. They are the same. Gray hair is more course than regular hair. And, when you have 7 cowlicks, its a pain the a—-!

I have to use Atomic Glue Down.all the time for hair control.

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I have wondered the same thing. I blunt cut my hair, so it starts out perfectly even. Within a couple weeks, it seems some gray hairs are pushing out further. It may be possible, though, that only the longer gray hairs are more noticeable since they would stand out more against my brown hair. My hair has numerous textures from fine to coarse, some individual wavy hairs but mostly straight. This probably accounts for it becoming uneven quickly after it is cut. Long answer for “I don’t really know”.

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If they don’t grow faster, they sure grow more wiley.

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